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This video on the “Blockchain Bootcamp 2023” will help you understand blockchain and its fundamentals clearly and elaborately. Also, this bootcamp helps you to understand what cryptocurrency is, how paper money came into existence, the future of cryptocurrency, the features of cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency works, what makes cryptocurrencies special, and what is ‘crypto’ in cryptocurrency. You will also see a comparison between bitcoin, ether, and Dogecoin. So, let’s deep dive into this Cryptocurrency for beginners video to understand how cryptocurrency actually works.

Below are the topics covered in this Blockchain Bootcamp:

00:04:27 What is Blockchain
00:11:13 How to Become a Blockchain Developer]
00:09:08 Supply Chain Management
01:12:58 Voting with blockchain
01:14:47 Other Applications of Blockchain
01:15:48 Rise of Blockchain Technology
01:21:38 Blockchain Tutorial
02:06:51 What is Hyperledger
02:38:33 Blockchain Wallet
03:13:26 Ethereum and Its Concepts
03:46:21 Ethereum Mining
03:57:22 Smart Contract
04:19:32 Ethereum 2.0
04:25:01 Ethereum vs Bitcoin
04:34:26 What is Dogecoin?
05:06:36 Blockchain Interview Question
05:40:51 10 Thing You didn’t Know About Bitcoin
07:47:24 What is NFT?

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✅ Skills Covered
– Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
– Bitcoin
– Distributed ledger
– Hyperledger
– Ethereum Blockchain
– Consensus
– Transactions
– Work flows
– Networks

✅ Tools Covered
– Ethereum
– Hyperledger
– Truffle
– Soldity
– Hyperledger Fabric
– Multichain
– Bitcoin
– Java

🔥 Professional Certificate Program In Blockchain: https://www.simplilearn.com/blockchain-certification-training-course?utm_campaign=30April2023BockchainBootcamp2023&utm_medium=Description&utm_source=youtube

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    I'm interested in Data Analysis boot camp,.,when should we expect it…🙏

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    Ethereum Mining… Is Ethereum still on the POW(Proof Of Work) consensus algorithm or the POS(Proof Of Stake)… I'm now confused as you said in this BootCamp video that they use PoW

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