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Looking to become a skilled AI Developer in 2023? Look no further than AI Bootcamp 2023! This comprehensive program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this exciting field.
This AI Bootcamp by Simplilearn is an intensive training program designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Throughout the bootcamp, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts, algorithms, and applications through a combination of theoretical lectures and hands-on projects. The curriculum covers topics such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and data ethics. Participants will also learn how to implement AI models using popular programming languages and frameworks like Python and TensorFlow. By the end of the AI Bootcamp, learners will have the expertise to design, develop, and deploy AI solutions, making them well-prepared to embark on a successful career in the exciting field of AI.

Following are the topics covered in this Video

00:00 Introduction to AI Bootcamp 2023
08:02 Introduction to fundamentals of Artificial intelligence
11:50 What is Aritificial intelligence(AI)?
20:48 Top 10 Applications of AI
31:23 Future of Artificial Intelligence
36:57 Introduction to Machine Learning
42:07 Types of Machine Learning
1:05:42 Essential Machine Learning Algorithms

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➡️ Post Graduate Program In AI And Machine Learning
In collaboration with Purdue, our AI and ML Course will help you unlock your AI and ML potential. You’ll study Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Recognition, and Reinforcement Learning with Simplilearn’s AI ML course online.

✅ Key Features
– Professional Certificate Program certificate and Alumni Association membership
– Exclusive hackathons and Ask me Anything sessions by IBM
– 8X higher live interaction in live online classes by industry experts
– 3 Capstones and 25+ Projects with industry data sets from Twitter, Uber, Mercedes Benz, and many more
– Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty and IBM experts
– Simplilearn’s JobAssist help

✅ Skills Covered
– Statistics
– Python
– Supervised Learning
– Unsupervised Learning
– Neural Networks
– Computer Vision
– Keras
– Tensorflow
– Reinforcement Learning
– Speech Recognition
– Recommendation Systems
– Ensemble Learning
– NumPy

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