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✅ Post Graduate Digital Marketing Overview

Get a hands-on live interactive learning experience with this PGP in Digital Marketing course. In this program, you will learn 35+ in-demand digital marketing tools, work on 16+ projects and 10+ case studies, and get a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam voucher worth USD $99.

✅ Key Features

– Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies
– Joint Purdue-Simplilearn Digital Marketer Certificate
– Become eligible to be part of the Purdue University Alumni Association
– Masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty
– Learn via Harvard Business Publishing cases
– Build your website & learn real-world hands-on digital marketing techniques
– Master sessions by Meta Blueprint trainer
– 6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program
– Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate exam voucher worth USD $99
– 5 Capstone problem statements and 15+ course-end projects
– 10+ case studies from brands like Adidas, KFC, Nike, Intel, etc.
– 35+ digital marketing tools
– Leverage ChatGPT and the latest AI tools for digital marketing
– Course aligned with Hootsuite and SE Ranking certification
– Learn using Meta Business Coach Chatbot

✅ Skills Covered

– Website Creation
– Behavioral Marketing
– Keyword Research
– Search Engine Optimization
– Search Engine Marketing
– Campaign Management
– Social Media Marketing
– Mobile Marketing
– Content Marketing
– Content Strategy
– Strategies for Paid Campaigns
– Analytics ROI amp Evaluation
– AI Automation amp Emerging Technology

👉Learn more at: https://www.simplilearn.com/pgp-digital-marketing-certification-program?utm_campaign=Testimonial-SimplilearnHelpedShyamla20May2023Shorts&utm_medium=ShortsDescription&utm_source=youtube

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