1 Million – THANK YOU!

Thanks for the amazing support!

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  1. oby

    this guy is 'trevor james' of technology, nice meme in every video is +1

  2. johny VDS

    thank you for staying the same chill and honest down to earth guy since the begining, we love ur content man, keep up the amazing work

  3. X

    Dave are you Korean? My korean friends always spin their books like you spin laptops

  4. LuckyYoon

    I love your videos!! keep up with your work^^

  5. Dan

    I think you are the only YouTuber that uses multiple intros

  6. 최원제

    Thanks for review inspiron 15 7567 at 2017! It so perfect notebook and congrats your 1M!

  7. rohan palaparthi

    Have subbed in late 2015. Not one video is disappointing. Great content. I know i'm 3 months late but, CONGRATS!!!!

  8. Darkstar

    Some years down the line, he won't be working and YouTue would be his full time job.

  9. S4000N7

    I remember when I first started watching Dave’s videos back in 2015. His laptop reviews helped me buy my first laptop. Thanks again man

  10. ꧁꧂

    Quality videos from the start

  11. dhayanandh

    Please give Away some stuffs that you don't need because those are dreams of many watching this video

  12. Exalaxy X

    Been watching you since early 2017, when I was just getting interested in tech. Found your yt channel, and subs.

    Now, I —kind of— get the joke at your first video (last clip) now!

    Someone who bought Apple's stock for $10 back then would have hundreds of dollars in return now, and you're saying that the viewers can sub and brag about how they're the 'og' subscriber in the future 😂

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