1 Year Later…Did DeleteMe Really Erase my Online Data?

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When it comes to limiting your digital footprint online, the DeleteMe service is a popular way to remove your personal data. Now that I’ve been using the service for over a year, here’s what I’ve learned and the most common questions I get. Use code “ATS” to get 20% off: https://www.joindeleteme.com

โ–ถ Original DeleteMe Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zXL0O3_z3g

โ–ถ DeleteMe DIY Opt-Out Guides (free): https://joindeleteme.com/help/diy-free-opt-out-guide/

If you care about your personal security and privacy online, download my free security checklist here:
โœ… Security Checklist: https://www.allthingssecured.com/security-checklist-pdf/

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – What is DeleteMe?
0:36 – The DeleteMe Dashboard
2:25 – Peek at my DeleteMe Privacy Report
4:17 – FAQ about DeleteMe
4:30 – Is it Safe to Give DeleteMe Your Data?
5:28 – Can I Remove my Own Data Online?
6:23 – What Data Does DeleteMe Remove?
7:03 – Why Keep an Annual Subscription?
7:45 – Does DeleteMe stop Spam and Junk Mail?

Do you want to know how to erase yourself from the internet? Are you tired of finding all your contact information freely available on these people searching websites?

Over the past year, I’ve paid to have DeleteMe scour the internet searching for my personal data that is being sold by data brokers online. They make removal requests on my behalf and make sure that if anybody searches for my name, they won’t find my home address, mobile number, and other private info. Essentially, they are scrubbing the parts of my digital footprint that I didn’t leave behind.

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