10 AMAZING iPhone Tips I Bet You Didn’t Know!

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In this video, I’ll share 10 more AMAZING things you can do on your iPhone that I BET you didn’t know about!

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0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Identify music on social media
2:00 – Quote when sharing an article
2:52 – Hide a photo in your library
4:13 – Lock down your photo library
8:03 – Search for photos by camera used
9:29 – Create really neat highlights
10:25 – Let people bypass Do Not Disturb
11:44 – Add a Voice Over to Screen Record
13:20 – Turn a Live Photo or Video to a GIF
14:36 – Easy Slideshows & Videos


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  1. @sparkplug0000

    I’ve used Keeper for over a decade and couldn’t get along without it. As a Director of Technology I have SO many passwords! But Keeper keeps them all in one place and lets me add additional fields like images for insurance cards, licenses and all kinds of documents you might need but you find you’ve left your wallet behind.

  2. @shellyt2906

    I LOVE these videos…. I have learned SOOOOOOO much from YOU!!!! Thank you for all this shared info… much appreciated!!!

  3. @Louishka67

    Your videos are a relieve for iPhone users.
    I have iPhone 13. When I activate DND and someone call me. It gives them a busy tone.
    On my previous iPhone. Calls while on DND gives the caller a normal ringtone. Then it gives me a silent notification of a missed call.
    I don’t know how to solve this point.
    Note. I am on a carrier outside USA and we don’t have voicemail service.

  4. @T_210

    That's great. Now if they could use all that knowledge of Tech, superior engineering and years of research and make the damn iPhone so we can adjust the volume levels of everything individually. You know, as a Blackberry did over 20 years ago.
    Now we have apps that generate one (1, uno, singular) sound for its notification, and we can't choose what sound. We have alarms at the same volume as email or text alerts or appointments and can only turn them ALL up or down. Wake up Apple, wake up!

  5. @JonBushell

    We can see auto albums for screenshots and raw etc but I wish you could see the opposite as an album, ie just camera taken jpg’s.

  6. @Fair_dinkum

    Is it possible to do a video on the verbal commands to add emoji’s into a text message whilst using Car Play?
    Or is there no such feature?
    About the only one I’ve found that works is saying LOL.

  7. @zahifar3936

    Quote sharing is a useful option for me that I didn’t know of. Indeed that iOS is always full of surprises!

  8. @McQ14

    These are excellent tips. Mind blown by the photo search by camera type! And same with the slideshow. I think I only knew about two of these tips. Thank you!!!

  9. @SnehDanial

    If you type a verb or a sound in the search engine for photos, it will show you the videos in which that particular action or sound is present & highlight that part of the video. For example, if you search laughing, the search results will show all the videos where there’s laughter.

  10. @javtimestwo

    I had no idea it was possible to quote from an article. Now I know. Could have done this hundreds of times by now. Thank you

  11. @DamonPeele

    Great content bro. U found a light for a very dark apple. In love with 15 pro max and I’m sadly Apple for life

  12. @SoNowWhat

    Another trick with the Search function is that you can concatenate several search terms to narrow down the results, for example "Beach, sunset, 2018". Hmm – for some reason, when I search for GIF in Shortcuts, the only option that comes up is the one to make a GIF from burst mode?

  13. Is there a way to lock the screen faster upon opening the photos app? I noticed before it locks, it opens the app normally with everything inside visible for a second. Is there something in the shortcut that we can edit or add?

  14. So, how do you use the photos app yourself if it goes to Lock Screen immediately? 🤔

  15. @janereimers3790

    In the video, you say that joining your site is $5.00 a month. When I subscribed, it charged me $6.99.

  16. @MartinSchlender

    Another good one: You can make animated stickers from live fotos bei holding the object/subject to seperate it from the background then select add sticker and then tap again on the created sticker, go to the right arrow and select edit effect and there you can select live on/off. (Maybe a litte different due to translation from German 🙂 )

  17. @kingpuppet5881

    Thanks for these really cool tips I knew about a few of them but I will defo be trying more. Greatly appreciated. Love your videos.

  18. @chgmz

    Had no idea of the quote sharing. Great video!

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