10+ Essential iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Accessories

iPhone 15 Pro and the cases, Filming gear and Protection for iPhones. In this video we go over 10+ essential accessories to protect your iPhone from scratches and iPhone drops. Also the best iPhone accessories for filming with iPhone 15 Pro in Pro Res Log. I also go over the best iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Pro chargers, battery power banks, audio accessories and products to keep iPhone clean. #iPhone15Pro #Apple #accessories #iOS17

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*iPhone 15 Accessories*
Belkin Ultraglass 2 Screen Protector – https://geni.us/pHk87LB

Anker 100W Charger – https://geni.us/pZUJDMe
Anker Nano Power Bank – https://geni.us/4zlPW
Anker Wireless Charging Dock 623 MagGo – https://geni.us/1z3Dd

AirPods Pro 2 – https://geni.us/3ta7ePc
Soundcore X600 Speaker – https://amzn.to/3Qxci23

Continuity Camer
Belkin MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount – https://geni.us/Ae5CPW

Filming Gear
SmallRig Phone Cage – https://geni.us/tNav
Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2 Tripod – https://geni.us/lXpy
Manfrotto Smartphone Clamp Pro – https://geni.us/nRNWn
Anker USB-C Hub 655 Dock – https://geni.us/bOOpZdj
Samsung T7 Portable 1TB SSD – https://geni.us/bvqht
HDMI Cable 20ft – https://amzn.to/49pP1YN
DJI Wireless Mic – https://geni.us/iwObEB

iPhone Cleaning
iKlear Premium Screen Cleaner – https://geni.us/as3QP

PS5 Controller – https://geni.us/Ahpf

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Protecting your iPhone
04:12 – Charging and Power on the go
06:21 – Audio Options
07:18 – Continuity Camera
07:50 – Filming with iPhone
13:47 – Gaming
14:25 – Cleaning iPhone
15:22 – Conclusion

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*Gear I use*
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  1. tiggerlove12

    I use the Belkin or the one from Spigen. Anker has the best chargers and I love that the prongs fold in. I’ll be looking into the cases for sure. I’ve been using the one from Peak Design.I never saw that cleaning liquid from Apple the one I saw was Whoosh in the Apple here in PA. Thank you Aaron for a great video. You’re the best.🎉

  2. David Ramirez

    Eww don’t promote stuff that still uses USB A. That should be criminalized at this point

  3. WolfeAdventures

    Can the native camera app use that wireless microphone for audio?

  4. Jeff Hale

    Thanks for sharing these accessory ideas. I just purchased the iKlear cleaning kit. Blessings on your day!

  5. Rose Stines

    Thank you so very much I really appreciate your content I just wish I could get some of those things but right now not in my budget n so sorry I’m day late n dollar short lol 😂❤😊still enjoy your content tho

  6. DonOleq

    I'm using some cheap Aliexpress screen protector only on my 15 Pro

  7. Tech like Leon

    Nice. You gave me a nice overview of all the accessories which are available for the iPhone . Keep it up 🎉👍

  8. The Adroitless

    I recently bought my first iPhone (15 Pro Max) and my case & screen protector came just hours before my phone arrived. They're the first things I buy when getting a new phone. I'm definitely going to buy that iKlean kit soon.

  9. Dan Williams

    Is it possible you do a "day in the life with the iPhone 15?"

  10. Brian Chaytor

    A great eye opener for accessories! Thank you sooo much Aaron!

  11. Join Or Tread

    iPhone 15 screen scratches "very easily"? Same glass and scratch resistance as previous or better how is that possible? Never had a scratch on my iPhone screen nor has my wife and she just upgraded her iPhone 8 Plus… Never understood screen protectors…

  12. Brad Higerd

    Is it true Foxcon has added extensive tracking capabilities?

  13. numberIII5243

    If you plug in a 100w usb c charger and a powerful usb c hub to iPhone, it can pull 30+ watts with 15 volts.

  14. D Porter

    Remember guys, glass is glass – Screen protectors are one of the few things I'd cheap out on with confidence.

  15. Matthew

    Flolab makes a really good screen protectors. They also have a lifetime warranty.
    Screen mom is also a good screen cleaner for macs as it prevents the weird haze you get when cleaning a MacBook screen

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