10 Gamers Who Unlocked IMPOSSIBLE TROPHIES

Some trophies and achievements ask a LOT from the player. Here are some great examples of dedicated players throughout the …


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  1. I honestly didn't know that playstation had 8700 games with trophy support

  2. Games who have buggy achievements the devs should release an update called the achievement hunters update to help people finish what they started by making the achievements work right lol

  3. @KingBongHogger

    I can't imagine playing a game for 9200 hours. Most games lose my interest before 100 hours. I believe my highest playtime for any game is 640 for UFC 4 and I played that almost every day since it came out. He must work from home or something because there is no way that's possible while having a traditional job.

  4. @ashern8352

    Challenge idea for skyrim: Find and install all the content mods that the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod creates displays for in their museum and fully fill it out (without console commands) before the game becomes unplayable due to file corruptions.

  5. @hmcredfed1836

    If you take a sh!t for 15 min everyday
    you have spend 91h sh!ting in a year (365day x 0.25h)
    if you do that for 10 years you have spend 9100h sh!ting 😉

    be proud of yourselfe you did something over 9200h for sure if u did it 15 min a day over 10 years
    if u drive 1h a day you spend 365h a year driving, over 10 years you got 36500h of driving^^

  6. @murruelaflaga

    I was attempting to get all the achievements / trophies for AC but decided AC3 was not worth the headache. Odyssey took me 2 Months to complete. So to get all of them in that short of time is crazy. Couldn't imagine.

  7. @Dargonhuman

    As long as the Ezio Collection includes all of the original achievements/trophies from the individual games, I say it counts. It counts double if they added new ones just for the Collection.

  8. Wait what ? I got 100 reps to exalted before this guy …. lol ….no joke … community moment? I know people that did it before me, as well ….
    Strange …. but w/e …. lol

  9. @Andyyy48

    My favorite gamer moment was when i did get batman arkham asylum all achievements and trophies in 3 different platforms in same year ps3, ps4 and pc😁. Bonus i also have all achievements in city and knight as well😄

  10. @brucedanger8852

    8723 platinum trophies is simply not possible for one person to achieve. 8723 days is close to 24 years. PSN trophies haven't even been around that long. However you can have an account logged into multiple systems offline and earn trophies, then sync to the network once plats are earned. But even this seems like a lot of people would need to be contributing, maybe some hardcore review company?

  11. 9600 hours in rdr2 which came 3 days short of 5 years exactly from when he accomplished this means he averaged 5 hours a day for 5 years I honestly don’t get home that’s possible.

  12. @DrSteveBrule552

    What do these ppl do for a living that allows them to put that much time Into a game? I'm not even half way through spider-man 2 yet lol

  13. As a heads up, 9200 hours is a little over 382 days…. straight….

    even racking up that many hours of total work at a job would take a long time…. more so if it's a part time job

  14. @Thethor222

    I currently have 105 reps on exalted in wow 😛
    I know because there is 110 reps achi now xD
    and this aren't hardest one in game xD

  15. @vonshtoyven3060

    I prob got the achievement for most times doing the dead island achievements cause i replayed that game like 5000 times.

  16. I know someone that has 1100 hours put into fallout 4 alone i can't see 9000+ hours any game.

  17. @kevink2069

    As much as I love playing video games I also touch grass frequently.

  18. @aykkara4208

    I am actually working myself on every souls/borne/sekiro game. Only ones missing are Demons Souls on PS3/PS5 and sekiro. I actually did plat dark souls 2 multiple times with each release they made of it. Not a real biggi but its my personal goal I have been chipping away on for couple years now, basically just an on/off thing.

  19. @Pedalbored

    A full time employee working 40 hours a week only puts in 2080 hours of work a year! This guy did like 4.5 years of full time employment on that game

  20. @Fudge-_-

    You said the end bit too slow!!

    Love you Falcon, thanks for another great video ✌️💜

  21. I have accomplished the assassins creed thing but I haven't done the multiplayer achievements which is the hardest part. I also don't have one achievement in Valhalla because it was glitched and I'm to lazy to see if it was fixed yet.

  22. @talord_

    2:11 9200 hours isn’t impressive if you consider everything else you could have been doing with that time

  23. @kenyonclark8338

    “9200 hours in one game is crazy!”

    Me: Sweating I’m Lumbridge talking to Hans

  24. @SgtMoo

    You missed the Gems of War achievement "Try this one Geoff" created specifically for Geoff Ramsey of Rooster Teeth for the amount he plays of the game. He only recently completed it and last I saw they are supposedly working on something new for him.

  25. @LiquidSnake794

    I should've posted my 110 Exalted Reputations then seeing as 100 sounds like such an achievement 😅

  26. @yurilopes420

    as for the league of legends mastery 7 on all champs, his knowledge isn't something that "very few people attain"

    the points he described in the post are all extremely known in the community and is objectively the formula behind the mastery points progression. he doesn't know anything we dont know, he just did what no one else wants to.

    everybody knows that the best way to get an S rating in a league match is play some dumb shit like heimerdinger adc and farm decently well, and bam, easy free S

  27. The number 1 dude with the most trophies, is actually number 6 now. The first place is somebody by the name of dav1d_123 with 9113 trophies. Jesus, what no lifer basement dweller you gotta be to do this shit.

  28. Thatfriendlyguy actually disgusts me, he just runs around with a group of simps and whines not to be killed. Anyone who doesnt follow his way of thinking is then gunned down by his "gang" and he says his hands are clean, what a looser.

  29. @ukdnbmarsh

    as a POE player with 6500 hours, some of these guys are nuts haha

  30. 9200 hundred hours in red dead is wild! *my eyeing my save file in skyrim thats over 11k*….👀

  31. isnt the one of the guy who never shot anyone in a shooter kind of scummy? he probably ruined hundreds of games for other players -.-

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