10 Secret Areas You Didn’t Know EXISTED in Games

Many games have awesome, strange, and sometimes even pointless secret areas that are still fun to discover.
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0:41 Number 10
2:02 Number 9
3:36 Number 8
4:51 Number 7
6:12 Number 6
7:30 Number 5
8:41 Number 4
9:50 Number 3
11:29 Number 2
13:02 Number 1


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  1. @juliobrian4757

    Wow…the Resident Evil 4 HD Secret is EXTREMELY unknown to me…and I SCOWERED the game for secrets!

  2. @03vof

    Ofc Remedy games are made by lunatics, we finns live in darkness 60% of the year 😀

  3. @kiddgamer2940

    I actually found the cyberpunk weapon in some kind of whell where they dump cars and people in Dogtown. I fell in it by accident and decided to dive a bit.

  4. @Dru1927

    These videos are always pretty disappionting and a waste of 15mins

  5. @beardedxj

    Rush2049 an old school arcade racer has a secret part of a map that was a huge crazy freestyle area. Man I loved that racing game. They were unique by allowing you to use wings to control the pitch and angle of your car while in the air allowing mad crazy stunt combos.

  6. @FelisImpurrator

    The Archon and Anguish secrets in Remnant 2. That stuff is pretty arcane to figure out.

  7. @squirrellyme

    "And number 1; This mod, modifies your games. Adding something that wasn't originally there. Made by a fan. Never seen anything like it"

  8. whoever first figured out the clock thing in control is a genius for real, i never had a clue, i found the clock room by mistake but nothing in that room really gives you clues on how to do the clock puzzle, just a completely crazy puzzle

  9. without watching, let me guess, another cyberpunk, souls, persona, zelda botw, cod, fallout video? dude, theres so many games, this channel used to be so good, wtf

  10. Love to see recycled content on your page Gameranx. Number 7 was a let down and I took the time off my TV to pull this video up on my phone to comment this. Very unoriginal, not the first time yall have done this either.

  11. @imnotmike

    I would never make a video revealing a secret like that in a game as new as spider-man 2. They're still doing patches on that game. They'll likely patch it out.

  12. @EvilLron

    Old school. Everquest, Befallen zone, there is a secret room with cat pictures lining the walls. When you zone in, stick your face in the wall to the left and you'll see the dev / guide room lined with cat pics.

  13. @violatorut2003

    I always thought the Pozhar shotgun in Cyberpunk was pronounced like "poser".

  14. @galaxygamer247

    I didn’t know there was a party room in cyberpunk is it only available in the new dlc?

  15. Never knew the lies of p wall was a secret lol, I found that my first playthrough! I do explore every inch of the game though lol 😂

  16. @loganogden3603

    The "nuh nuh nuh nuh NOTHING" had me rolling 🤣😂😂🤣 that was so unexpected I nearly choked on my drink!

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