10 Tips For New Mac Users

Here are 10 tips for people who are new to using macOS.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 1. Spotlight Menu
01:11 2. Quick Look
01:47 3. App Switcher, Window Switcher
02:45 4. Hide Apps
03:12 5. Mission Control and Spaces
04:40 6. The Emoji Viewer
05:12 7. The Screenshot Tool
06:13 8. Dictation
07:05 9. Text Replacements
07:58 10. Time Machine

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  1. nuj427

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you capture a video of the screen, there's no sound, right? Or it's just me?

  2. Deb Reale

    Do you have a recommendation of an external hard drive, Gary?

  3. Deb Reale

    At my age, I’ve been forgetting what I’ve learned. This is exactly what I needed today, Gary. Thank you!

  4. TheRedpanda269

    I just saw this video In recommended and just continued watching different videos. The reason people think Mac is overly expensive is because they don’t know Apple thought of literally everything

  5. Lee Texas

    Why the recommendation to use a large 'regular' HD, not a SSD drive for time machine ?

  6. G

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Jim Terrinoni

    I like things that are reliable; Gary’s advice is always reliable. Since I’m definitely not a “new” user, why would I watch this video? Answer: there’s always a tweak in Gary’s process that I can adapt to my process to be more efficient.

  8. George E

    As many have already said, excellent tips review for “old” Mac users. Many thanks!

  9. wiser time

    And very useful reminders for us🧸 old Mac users

  10. G Albert

    Gary: One awkward question …
    – what livestreaming tools are you using to produce your informative video tutorials, embedding: (you talking on the screen & presenting live examples)

  11. Donna Budgen

    Great reminders for some of us “old” Mac users. Thanks.

  12. pez

    Why regular drive and not SSD for Time Machine. I use 2TB SSD and have no problems?

  13. Cody (Lamer)

    Thank you for the video. Just bought the Mac Mini M2 and I'm a new Mac user. This video was very useful.

  14. Lois Skiathitis

    A very useful and informative video tutorial today! Thank you, Gary!👏❤️

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