10 Video Game Ideas That SUCKED

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0:00 intro
0:25 Doom 4
2:43 Shadowrun (2007)
4:18 Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
5:45 Dwarfs
7:13 Star Wars: The New Emperor
9:02 Metroid Prime: Federation Force
10:27 Duke Nukem: Endangered Species
11:40 Gamer Girl
12:51 Escape From Diab
14:52 Shenmue Online MMORPG
16:04 KINECT Star Wars


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  1. Astalthæon

    FML. Bruh, Triclops (named that because he was a mutant with 3 eyes) only "claimed" to be the son of Palpatine. Furthermore, suggesting Disney was right to arbitrarily dismiss the entirety of the Expanded Universe based on this one specific character is fu@$ing moronic. Any franchise that spans decades and has literally dozens of novels, comics, games, etc all from different writers, creators, designers, it's bound to have some pretty low low-points. Lastly, the Disney trilogy literally rips off a shit ton of elements from the EU, mashed them together with the original trilogy, and said "here eat this you idiots". It's garbage, absolute garbage. Rogue One is pretty good, Rebels was mostly good, Mandalorian is probably 50/50…Book of Fett was just…sad. So their track record isn't great, but that trilogy is just a big pile of bantha poodoo….

  2. Oneeb Ashraf

    Joel dying at the hands of Ellie's surgeon's daughter and then playing as her to chase Ellie sucked as well

  3. Mr Big

    Okay but Madden with guns….maybe 🤷‍♂️

  4. thtupid

    I really dont understand the hate for doom 3. I absolutely loved it!

  5. Dovah's Blight

    I agree with most of these points. But you can't say The Huntee Classic is bad, it was just ahead of it's time with the realistic gameplay

  6. Tyler G

    I choked on my drink when you called dopey emo lol

  7. SavageSage

    They made something "not Doom as Doom" with Eternals platforming and air dash/double jump nonsense 👎

  8. Brad Rizzo

    Ah, I remember trying to curb childhood obesity….
    Now we say screw it, didn't work. Let's pretend it's normal, healthy and call it body positivity 😂

  9. Aaron Glickman

    Civvie 11's video on Vivisector is pretty great. The game itself is bonkers.

  10. mer

    Cabella’s vidya games were a thing ???!

  11. Erok9

    Escape from Diab took a second to get.

  12. Deathsleet

    Only game here that I've played was Shadowrun. As a kid that had never even heard of Shadowrun before, it looked like a fun game. I really liked the look of the game, and while what I could find made it obvious that it had a focus on the multiplayer, I thought "surely it's not JUST multiplayer…there's gotta be at least a small campaign mode or something." Sadly, no. Even so, I really enjoyed the feel of the game and while I didn't really end up playing it much, it is likely a significant stepping stone toward my love for games like Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Warframe.

    Still haven't had the chance to try out the ttrpg for it though, despite my love for tabletop games.

  13. Just Ray

    Forspoken: Seemingly having TikTok influencers write the entirety of the dialog and story.

  14. Allan

    This is not the first time you guys trash Marvel Nemesis and I think it's undeserved. The game has great atmosphere, combat, soundtrack and replayability, specially the multiplayer. You should try it, maybe even make a review after.

  15. Travis

    The only good apology at this point is a full playthrough and proper analysis of Marvel Nemesis from the boys.

  16. K Rock

    I mean they have the dark pinochio game coming that looks like bloodborne and i along with many other cant wait. Dwarves could have been cool.

  17. Federico Cesali

    I loved Marvel nemesis, the fighting, the characters, the pvp and even the card collection (with Elektra, Storm and someone else's bikini picture…a riot 4 12 y.o. me 😂)

  18. Nomad 0036

    Rise of the Imperfects was a tie-in to a comicbook event, which died. Horribly.
    Poor sales of the game didn't help.
    Not one of the Imperfects is currently used in the books.

  19. Toro

    The latest Ghost Recon should be number 1

  20. kyle kelevera

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would have ended up with a rabid cult fanbase if it followed in the footsteps of the "Alice in Wonderland" games.

  21. David Meyer

    Vivisector: The Beast Within is absolute mediocrity until about halfway, maybe two thirds through, and then it doesn't so much jump the shark as triple-axle over the megalodon, but in a good way. It's crazy, and the voice acting is hilarious, and the late-game guns are fun…

    If you want a fun run through of it, look up Civvie 11's video on it.

  22. Matt Davis

    I saw the thumbnail directly after seeing Dove’s new stupid video game commercial. 😂

  23. Wolfs Den Gaming

    To be fair as someone who knew nothing of the IP until many years later… shadowrun 2007 is an underrated game I thought it was amazing.

  24. Darth_Spock

    Heir to the Empire is awesome, and I will stand by that nomatter what.

  25. Idk why people get offended by fat jokes……im fat and find fat jokes hilarious.

  26. Mini Spidey

    no ention of rpg assassin's creed? good? yes. assassin's creed? not even close

  27. picolete

    The history of Vivisector and the games from that company is something fascinating

  28. Cody Po

    5:45 HUGE L take. Have you even seen American McGee's Alice? Dark retellings of kids stories can be fantastic. Hell, dark is usually what the stories were in the first place before they were sickeningly Disney-fied.

  29. Khastrx

    Video game ideas that sucked… well literally everything Blizzard did with OW2 since it was released.

  30. Will Scott

    Isnt escape from diab just little nightmares.

  31. Charles Griswold

    I've got a great idea! Let's take Lilo and Stitch, make it super dark and edgy, and make a first-person tactical squad game out of it! Brilliant!

    That's the kind of thinking that some of these games exhibit.

  32. Brad L

    The title is deceiving, it's not the first time this has happened with Gameranx, I don't know why they can't just actually describe the video.

  33. Jesse Hayes

    I loved Doom 3, I thought it was a great original horror concept

  34. SinsSacrifice

    Honestly i would love a Final Fantasy version of League of Legends

  35. GrimDeath2012

    Star Wars the new emperor, the first thing I think of is playing a game where you had to walk the hold time, you can't run. the game would be really long not because the story, because it takes you forever to get anywhere

  36. Did anyone notice the bosses name in the escape from diab? His name was Etes. As in actually diabetes. Omf

  37. Steven Gonzales

    Its crazy a good few of these games i had alot of fun playing as a kid shadow run and dc omg Marvel goat

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