10 Video Game Weapons That Were ABSURDLY SHOCKING

These are some of our favorite inventively brutal video game weapons and items.
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  1. @coolsnake1134

    If you're going to bring up the cerebral bore from turoc and the excavator from Dead rising, then you need to do a video of the most horrifying/ cruel video game weapons, think the wabajack from Skyrim, the M16 cat silencer from postal two, shark launcher from armed endangerous and saints row the third shark attack DLC ect. And let's not forget about the drill bucket from Dead rising 2 as well as the upgraded anal probe from Dead rising 2 off the record

  2. @coolsnake1134

    You forgot about the super shotgun in Doom eternal, it's your regular side by side double barrel. Super shotgun but it has a hook shot. Think legend of Zelda. You hook shot yourself right into a demon's face and then give him both barrels of 8 gauge buckshot point blank to the face

  3. @coolsnake1134

    The lancer from gears of war is so well known that there is actually a company that makes an actual chainsaw bayonet for an AR-15 rifle. It's electric so there's no two-stroke motor chainsaw noise. But still it's a real life chainsaw bayonet for an AR-15

  4. Somehow a shotgun in fear is higher on the list than a big boy nuke launcher in fallout.

  5. @Darkman9000

    The Auto-9, RoboCop's signature gun, is just amazing in the recent Rogue City game. Most of the time, FPS games tend to make the starting/default weapon okay at best, as you generally collect more weapons and only use the first as a backup. Not in Rogue City, since it's RoboCop's most iconic weapon, you can upgrade it with collectible circuit boards, and these give all kinds of cool upgrades, including infinite ammo and increased gore effects. There's something so satisfying about watching this pistol turn the thugs of Old Detroit into red mist

  6. @18coolblade

    As an avid fan of Turok 2 the Cerebral Bore is so horrifying and yet you can't stop watching. It latches to the head and drills into the skull where it empties it out then when done exploding. No wonder they run in fear if this thing in the game.

  7. @treflippa2

    Man I loved the cerebral bore in multiplayer lol I remember plenty pissed off cousins when I used that thing.

  8. @ganeshgtp

    Man just put dark background on countdown slides 💀

  9. Definitely need another Turok just for that gun. Been waiting on another turok game in general.

  10. @MajidAlQassimi

    Cerebral Bore is one of my first intense moments on pvp fps. as soon as one was launched everyone freaked out. love it made the list!

  11. @decimation9780

    The statement about Kazuma Kiryu never having killed anyone is a notorious mistranslation. What was actually said is that Kazuma Kiryu has never MURDERED anyone.

  12. @newjersey973

    The shotgun in the soldier of fortune series was way better. Any gun I think actually. You could literally dismember limbs and stuff. Was pretty dope.

  13. why does the later cerebral bore never show up? the one that blew the legs off, then the arms off, then the head.

  14. @whatsupryan

    The wonder weapons from CoD Zombies can make the list of 10 themselves!

  15. @NineBreakerUIXB

    As much as it pains me to say it, I would have put the Coral Oscilator above the moonlight in AC6, in multiplayer it demolishes opponents shields in one sweep. That and the Karasawa full charge ehich is the hardest hitting single strike in the game and really feels like you're unleashing hell when you fire it

  16. @wartortilla2819

    I felt the same way in Deadrising. I think I was 13 or 14 when it came out and I remember being in the hardware store playing with the excavator and the shower head and just thinking “this is just too much gore.” And I legit felt queasy and didn’t pick that game back up again for years.

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