10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of March 2024

The weird world of gaming keeps on turning and every month we try to find the weirdest stuff.
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  1. Imagine how much more money and time with funds they could’ve used to curate something quicker for Zelda if it wasn’t illegally downloaded over 1 million times. Unfortunately, the YouTube generation doesn’t understand. I hope Nintendo sues everybody that’s connected to this.

  2. @NS-py4ky

    Zelda was pirated Hella though 😂 nobody I knew bought it but, why? Well, it's the old @$$ switch 🤷 make a new better consle jfc Nintendo it isn't that difficult 😂

  3. @KSunlan

    I might really be wrong with this but wasn't yuzu keeping an early cracked version of totk behind their premium yuzu emulator and that was one of the biggest reasons they went after them? I believe in piracy but that is kind of ruining the point…

  4. @Mrmizzy55

    I'm curious these hacks did they just show cwrtain software programs/hacks that were available on these people's computers already, and this hacker just exploited that?

  5. @HuhWhydough

    So the gaming industry continues to be kaka poo poo. Got it.

  6. @rabidgiant4102

    Tim Sweeney .. who’s worth is $10 BILLION while laying off 800 people cause he “had” to, is crying about STEAM’s normal cut that matches every other platform?!? What a greedy tool.

  7. @Jigsaw407

    A couple of years ago a clown car crashed into WB headquarters and all those clowns keep spilling out and play manager to this day. P.S.: never heardof Undawn until now. Are these people aware of a concept called "advertising"? Then again … looks like "The Day Before", but worse! Never mind …

  8. Idk why but I really suspect that some CEO of this gaming giants have smo*ed something dangerously(sorry for that grama. mistake) concentrated

  9. The Will Smith game flopping & losing money. Somewhere, Chris Rock is smiling and laughing.

  10. @orangefood8249

    More of these weird gaming stories videos please ❤ I enjoyed this

  11. @kagesong

    Am I the only one that ever wonders if Falcon practices Druidry or at least Augury?

  12. @Conpauleonina

    Everything Will Smith touches turns to shit! How could anyone think this was a a good idea?

  13. @jethrosims8339

    Games as a service only works when the people in charge are gamers and they actually believe in the project

  14. @RolandHazoto

    The weirdest thing about Helldivers 2 is that it survived having a worse launch than Payday 3 had. I enjoy the game but wow those first couple weeks were rough…

  15. Wow nintendo, its almost like people want to play your games on something with a decent system and performance.
    Exclusivity does not do you any favors.

  16. @mih00n

    Helldivers 2 is just another "EARTH DEFENSE FORCE"- game

  17. @lavasaurous

    I've tried undawn. It's buggy, laggy, PvP/pve/paytowin/pay to progress faster game.

  18. @ViniciusNegrao_

    8:45 Might not be different for people living in US, but in Brazil games are 2 to 3x cheaper on steam than on EPIC, that's where the "monopoly" comes from. They adjust the price according to the economy to maximize profits. Epic sells games for 100-200 BRL here, meanwhile Steam is selling for 30-100 BRL, if they sell more than 3 copies, they already made their profit. Epic should follow suit and implement this system as well. But it's easier to whine and complain about the competitor being better

  19. @jdperry1917

    Undawn's marketing SUCKS because this is the first time I've ever heard of it.

  20. Claims Nintendos image wasn’t damage then says how they got beat for best game of the year 6:00

  21. @MrSteelface96

    Search for Sweet baby inc controversy youself since gameranx dosn't have the balls to report anything on it.

  22. @williamtopping

    Was Will Smith there to Slap any Dev who went for too many toilet breaks?

  23. @720jlconner

    Will Smith was in a new zombie video game? What the hell? Did anyone hear about this? I havent heard anything about this at all. All that money spent on a game just to not tell anyone about it? Crazy to me cause literally no one knew about this.

  24. EA ruined American McGee that made Alice and Alice Madness Returns and many other great game developers…

    EA should either give them back the rights to their games or get the FooK outta the way! They're literally ruining the industry with spammed out Maddens and terrible Call of Booty's …..

  25. @dygon7663

    I've seen some youtuber play "undawn" crazy that it cost 140 mil, it's riddled with bugs and looks like it's an early access game with how unfinished it is.

  26. @LocSec

    I can’t wait for the Nemesis system patent from Shadow of Mordor to expire out of Warner Bros hands. That was such a fun system and it hasn’t been used since.

  27. free to play is lke a nightclub that is free to get in but the drinks are insanely expensive.
    its like a spider saying its free to explore there web.
    but there are a lot of rich kids and they dont think twice about useing there parents credit card, in there world not knowing your parents credit card number makes you a loser.

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