11 Cool Command Line Programs You Need to See

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Links to the Tools:
• Cheat: https://github.com/cheat/cheat
• YT-DLP: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp
• ImageMagick: https://imagemagick.org/
• FFmpeg: https://ffmpeg.org/
• Err.exe: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=100432
• ExifTool: https://exiftool.org/
• Pandoc: https://github.com/jgm/pandoc
• PDFCPU: https://github.com/pdfcpu/pdfcpu
• XPDF Tools: https://www.xpdfreader.com/download.html
• Tokei: https://github.com/XAMPPRocky/tokei
• Hyperfine: https://github.com/sharkdp/hyperfine

Links to My Scripts:
• Err.exe Improvement Script: https://gist.github.com/ThioJoe/7ceac4e56bfa1ea9807150ac07a998e0
• YT-DLP PowerShell Script: https://github.com/ThioJoe/youtube-dl-easy
• Cheat Batch Script: https://gist.github.com/ThioJoe/b4c1f799ccabe6d35f271334431f8155

▼ Time Stamps: ▼
0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Tool 1
1:41 – Very Good Thing
3:34 – Tool 2
4:30 – Tool 3
6:16 – Tool 4
7:11 – Tool 5
7:50 – Tool 6
8:44 – Tool 7
9:22 – Tool 8
11:03 – Tool 9
11:44 – Tool 10
12:12 – Tool 11

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  1. @littlebit670

    Another really good command line tool is Magic Wormhole (wormhole), it allows easy file transfers. A GUI based version called Warp is available for Linux (through Flathub). Basically, one computer runs “wormhole send [file]” which generates a transfer code. The receiving end runs “wormhole receive [transfer code]” to receive the file.

  2. @jsnotlout3312

    Imagine magic is amazing, I used it to convert scanned documents into a pdf and then email them with a time stamp name using a power shell script

  3. @littlebit670

    My usual use of yt-dlp is "yt-dlp -x –audio-type mp3 [link]" to download some music that's in the form of a youtube video. And getting it to convert video to audio requires ffmpeg too.

  4. @Momossim

    hey i'm maybe dumb but how do i install cheat ?

  5. @Quephara

    Dear Linux users, join me as we laugh at these attempts to reach a fraction of our power

  6. @Chris-op7yt

    command line is king/queen, as that's how you can connect several tools to do a job that has not been authored into a bespoke gui application.
    this all works great when commands are written to work this way easily with standard input and output

  7. @rager1969

    Eh, Synology is just a little more, a mature/well supported product and isn't through Kickstarter.

  8. @danbromberg

    Is this for WIndows users? If so, where does the C:TOOLSCHEAT directory come from? It looks like UNIX when I go to Thio's GitHub link.

  9. @BytePix_

    How do I get the 'cheat' folder? It's not in %appdata%Roaming

  10. @troyBORG

    I use ffmpeg a ton. I use to edit my videos on my YouTube.

  11. @Eintracht513

    PDFCPU looks really interesting. I was using PDF24 on Windows before, but now that I finally switched to Linux, I didn't have a good alternative yet.
    Probably going to use PDFCPU in combination with some self-written Shell-Scripts to make it easier to use for my dad too. 🤔 He has a Windows/KDE neon dualboot system atm with Windows only for PDF24 offline tools.

    Summed up: Thanks for your video and those amazing recommendations! At least one defo is going to make a change for me/us. 😌👍🏼

  12. @unclecomrade_yt

    Finally, I found the easy way to quickly get some jpegs lighter. Thank you!

    And it's nice of you to write scripts to make it easier to use, good job!

  13. @mikehensley78

    Bro, How long you been making videos, ThioJoe??? I just remembered a video you made YEARS ago about "boosting my wifi" with a piece of CAT5 a CD i think a triple-A battery. LOL. i was like "wait a damn minute. this guy is a sh|tt3r for sure. I'm gonna have to watch him closely." 😀
    Been watching ever since. well, after i got my damn wifi to work again i watched. Love the videos!

  14. @Khual

    These are some really nice tools! I used YT-DLP and FFMPEG. ImageMagick and Err would be really useful in my case❤ pdf decryption sounds really awesome that definitely is big W

  15. @ckingpro

    Extracting PDF images using either of the two tools you mentioned is a lot better than Windows + Shift + S or Cmd + Shift + S and selecting the region. Thanks for that!

  16. @grogroge

    next suggestion: add some of these cmd to context menu , pyWinContext, Easy Context Menu, to name a few , are great tools…

  17. For the record, I never stare, nod knowingly and smile while sitting in front of a computer.

  18. This video is a gem. I wanna jump into every single program you've compiled here right now.

  19. @Szklana147

    3:20 – Ugreen is a Chinese company. There is literally no way, data on this NAS is private.

  20. @670839245

    Cheat doesn't have an install instruction for Windows in its documentation.

    There is a Powershell script in the pull requests for automatic downloading and extracting the program, but you can also just download the windows version from releases, put the exe in PATH, and rename it to cheat.exe


    c.bat …. What is this, why do I feel like I need to move to the beat of a song……

  22. @shanent5793

    This really didn't need to include such an antisemitic metaphor

  23. @benbou

    Let archive this video with YT-DLP, it's a good one!

  24. @MikeBramm

    I've been using ImageMagick since the early 90s. It's great for resizing, converting or adding watermarks to folders full of photos. My first version might have even been a 5 1/4" floppy from the local computer swap meet.

  25. @PatFarrellKTM

    I use exiftool and magick all the time. Probably use ffmpeg at least once a month. My most recent love is zodiac a smart cd command

  26. @mucookul

    I believe there is a tool built into windows that does something similar to the err command

    It comes up sometimes in “enterprise” windows versions like education edition

  27. @ax--media

    Finally, I no longer have to use those sketchy online converters. 😀

  28. @JaySee5

    1:22 this needs a more detailed description or its own video. The Windows documentation for cheat is terrible. You also have to rename the file to cheat.exe. The cheat "folder" is in %appdata%cheat which is very difficult to find to must novice users. The "personal" folder is not created on initial run either. You have to manually create it. Cheat also doesn't add itself to PATH so you have to do that manually to. It's a general pain in the butt to get setup and working for a novice.

  29. @knoxduder

    PDF-toolkit has been around for over a decade and is awesome!

  30. @nommy8599

    Yeah, you should be so presumptuous to tell the whole of the internet what they NEED to see. The sensationalistic ignorance is genuinely embarrassing, please try at least to have at least some authenticity. Thanks.

  31. @ihateevilbill

    Ive built a music video player (in html) that uses yt-dlp in the background to download any music videos I want. Great wee tool (yt-dlp that is).
    I'd recommend all the tools in the list too. IM (for example) is running on a travel website to allow the sales team to upload basically any image and it can then be cropped etc (it also uses exiftool to strip all tags).
    My online video editor uses ffmpeg in the background… Like I said, great list XD
    The only one I didnt know about was Tokei 🙂

  32. @ChromiaCat

    There's many GUIs for YT-DLP, the one I use is Open Video Downloader, it can even update the ffmpeg & yt-dlp binaries it uses.

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