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12 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks

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Discover the 12 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks.

Learn the following on iOS 10 or greater (some of these may be possible on older versions):

– Understand what questions Siri is able to answer
– Talk instead of type your text messages for increase efficiency
– Quickly use emoji in your messages
– Check when you last sent or received a text message
– Triage your email messages faster than ever before
– Access your camera to take a photo when your phone is locked
– Take a photo using the volume button instead of the on screen shutter button
– Capture of a screenshot of your iPhone
– Remove web page clutter with an easy reading mode
– Reduce eye strain at night with night shift
– Get to bed and wake up on time with the new bedtime feature
– Prevent unwanted calls with do not disturb mode
– Close multiple apps at once

Share your favorite tips & tricks in the comments! Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. GaryMc

    Really appreciated this – had an iphone for a few years, didn't know about a bunch of these tips. Thanks!

  2. Vivek Kumar

    This was the beginning of my best tech guy, most loved one and now you can appreciate his success.
    Full support to you bro😍

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