$12 Hack To Boost Your Laptop Performance!

These tweaks can give gaming laptops some serious performance gains. Good luck!
Arctic Silver 5 – http://amzn.to/2mjW9B0
AS5 + Cleaning Kit – http://amzn.to/2lFdNvA
Thermal Pads – http://amzn.to/2lkczd4

Intel XTU – https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24075/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU-
Throttlestop – https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-throttlestop/
Prime95 – https://www.mersenne.org/download/

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  1. Dave2D

    If you plan on doing these mods, be sure to do your research. It's a bit of work but the gains are awesome. Good luck!

  2. PopcornSticker

    For some reason all of core voltage offset options are greyed out in my XTU. Anyone knows the sollution?

  3. Switcher

    i undervolt just fine but i tried to mine on it and its getting 85c still im using a inspiron 7577 with 1060 max q

  4. Kevin Orellana

    Dose anyone know the level of under outage for the, GF65 Thin 10UE-091 15.6" 144Hz 3ms Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX3060 8GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win10 ?
    Please help.

  5. camtwan1

    I have the HP omen 15. And I never opened up a computer before but after a few videos and some new thermal paste I went from playing games on low settings and 100c to ultra settings and Max 90C. If you are having temperature problems, do your research, take your time, film yourself taking it apart and enjoy the benefits. Also, use something like hydronaut because it’s a thicker paste, which prevents it from seeping out after a couple months. Also, don’t do the bs glob and push, spread it out thin and evenly over the cpu and gpu. I recommend a gift card that you cut to be about the size of the cpu to spread. Why chance it when you can just spread it perfectly and not have to worry about it not spreading evenly. (Also, remove the battery, just in case you drop something metal on the bare motherboard)

  6. Micah White

    Im ready to give up on my laptop. Its running 98C and will autoshutdown when under load. It is a year-old zephyrus and im pretty sad about the whole thing. throttlestop doesnt work on my ryzen cpu. Im probobly just going to sell it off

  7. BenjiLMAO

    I re-applied thermal paste 5 time and my laptop still overheat and cause thermal throttling witch is annoying
    what can i do to fix this with my vaio laptop that idk what model it is

  8. Sayantan Bose

    I applied thermal paste on my samsung smart fridge, now it runs Crysis.

  9. Amal Joe

    Is it possible to undervolt Ryzen 5 3500u? My thin and light laptop is new, but the temps go up to 92 degrees even while running less pow intensive tasks.

  10. can i still undervolt using the intel xtu for my amd laptop ? sorry if this a stupid question

  11. Godzilla555

    Running an undervolt of -145 mV on my 7700 HQ on a Dell 7577. System is stable. Haven’t got a BSOD or freeze since i did it. The upper limit is -150 mV for the chip i got. I haven’t done an overnight prime95 stress test but a 4 hour test was good enough.

  12. GG Virus

    You could have talked a bit about what the risk is

  13. Feruz Tursunov

    I saw bunch of videos on how to apply thermal paste and decided to do it myself. I had older laptop so I first tried on that, then I moved to my current laptop and did everything by instructional video. Surprisingly not too difficult and after cleaning and new thermal paste, my laptop is way cooler.

  14. Bad Boys Hub

    I left my razor blade in my back pack running and it got way too hot, and games started rubbing badly. Changed the paste and they started running normally again; it was fun cleaning and fixing the laptop.

  15. ph am

    Now instead of thermal paste,try using liquid metal

  16. mj61 mj

    He gave the cpu the small pot it only gets 50 shield

  17. FaZe_ Rafays

    I applied thermal paste to my calculator and now I can play cyperpunk2077 at 60fps

  18. stalesoup

    I use thermal paste when I brush my teeth and now my teeth can run Fortnite.

  19. Marco Milo

    Should you use the laptop in performance mode while doing the volt limit test?

  20. EME421

    i have i7700hq and i undervolted -0.125 and its still hiting 98 degree pls help

  21. S1EVE

    You know I m in antartica gta v running 9999 FPS

  22. Alex Tealdi

    Did all of this and I'm getting bizarre results. Stress testing my CPU with a 100mV undervolt and new thermal paste, the thing jumps to 97C right away and slowly falls a few degrees over time as I keep the test on. Writing this after 15 mins of TS's benchmark and the CPU is now at 70C… I don't see why it keeps falling over time if it skyrockets and throttles at first? Is that something to do with Turbo boost or did I apply the paste badly/something else like that?

  23. geonerd

    That's one Hell of a clickbaity thumbnail, dude. 🙁

  24. Abraham Aguilar

    instructions unclear I had a baby w my cow.. baby shower is next weekend

  25. michael boodram

    My pc is too dang potato to support xtu I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15IGM.

  26. TheGr8ie

    is the voltage thing available to all cpu?

  27. Ritvik Rakesh

    applied thermal paste to my $5 headset, don't need the AirPods Max now.

  28. George Garten

    I bought my very first gaming laptop because of your advice

  29. George

    To my knowledge undervolting works on pc cpus and gpus, especially amd.

  30. Mame A

    best advice for laptops; do NOT get an Intel CPU… they produce too much heat for use in a laptop and need high-end cooling that can ONLY be found in a desktop! thermal throttling is a nightmare to gaming on Intel, with stutter and min. frametime spikes often

  31. Inept Gaming

    The power of friendship is the best performance booster

  32. lolcat

    I have put MX-4 on and it never goes above 80°C. going back in with a new fan, thermal grizzly pads and all

  33. trance dj

    just DON'T use the paste he's using in the video. Arctic Silver 5 will eventually dry out and when it does and you bump or flex the laptop and that seal breaks you're gonna have problems. use something like Gelid GC-Extreme or Kingpin KPX they won't dry out and get way better performance than AS5 trust me i know. i use to use AS5 back in the day and when i switched to Gelid my temps dropped by like 7c

  34. Tom Green

    If you under volt and get a blue screen, then reboot, will you still be under volted hence getting another blue screen?

  35. Pramesh Dhakal

    As if 2021 I found out undervolt is gone from Intel due to recent BIOS Update. Its sad.

  36. bradOZ

    anyone know if we should we be running the stress test in performance mode or in limited TDP mode?
    I noticed the voltage is lower in the battery saver modes and the TDP drops considerably VS turbo mode where the voltage is higher and the TDP is 200% higher.
    Eg if I stress test in turbo mode isn't it going to be more likely to be stable then when O go on battery it might drop out?

  37. BEKA. M.

    undervalting is not a good option for long term laptop usage . Might be posible to modify the cooper thermals or for example on xps laptops so far as i noticed on back cover of xps laptops inside we can find vantilation fence that half of it is covered with black plastic .why not just remove that plastic to let air in to cool down little bit. by the way there is new bios update 2021-2022 latest on xps laptops .may be they fixed some thermal problems .

  38. K i r k H 4 2 0

    Bro, that teal stuff that you demonstrated with… was that toothpaste?

  39. Cosmos

    Hi dave! We have the same laptop brand which is the dell xps 9560 in this video. But one issue, I can't seem to tweak the "core voltage offset" thingy.

    And also, after doing the stress test for only 5 minutes, it says both the The CPU Thermal and power Throttled. It doesn't sound good.. a little help would be appreciated!

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