12 INCREDIBLE things your iPhone can do RIGHT NOW!

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In this video, I’ll show you 12 INCREDIBLE things that your iPhone can do right now!

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0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Locate sounds in videos
1:26 – Tell you what things sound like
1:56 – Be Harry Potter
2:32 – Mimic your voice
4:00 – Listen out for stuff
5:56 – Recognise people & pets
7:38 – Translate conversations
8:52 – Lift subjects from photos
10:05 – Tell you about things in photos
11:42 – Sort your shopping list
13:03 – Easy long exposure photos
14:21 – Be an awesome webcam


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  1. Jalen Dixon

    Great video. Not sure if this is as new but I think for bigger artists and songs it is detecting them in videos too when searched

  2. P-Geluk

    Personal voice is limited on iPhone 12 or higher if I’m correct. On my 11 and the XR from the misses it is a feature what is missing.

  3. Han Lee

    i knew the most of it but the live photo long exposure !! omg i am photographer myself and i always had to carry my tripod, ND filters, had to wait till the day gets darker and such. this is amazing. thank you for sharing this !! this is first time using iphone (coming from life time galaxy user since galaxy 2nd version) this alone made me think it was worth the switch. lol

  4. Very nice and important video. As always. Please make some videos on iPhone important shortcuts also. Also share some knowledge about how to make shortcuts on iOS 17.1.1. Thank you πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. George E

    Excellent tutorial. Very useful tips. Many thanks!

  6. nathan taylor

    Excellent video. Never knew about most of these particularly that you can give people names in photos or the long exposure tip πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  7. JoAnnS

    Siri cannot tell you what a particular bird sounds like.

  8. JP JP

    Can you use personal voice for Siri voice?

  9. UncleTrick

    The noise the Panda makes sound exactly like Yoko Ono's "singing."

  10. Lormor4

    What a great video. So helpful. The grocery list has been a game changer. My husband and I share the reminders list so every time we add anything to groceries or any other sections, we both have access to it 😊

  11. Ross Graham

    Fantastic tips and advice as always. Especially the hint to use a second device to record the washing machine cycle complete sound to play to the iPhone. It's these little attentions to detail that I very much appreciate in your videos.

  12. James Sweet

    I don't use Categories in my Shopping List (in Reminders).
    Instead, I start the item with the aisle number and then the name.
    For example, milk in aisle #1 would look like "01 milk".
    It is automatically sorted by Title.
    So everything is put in order by the Aisle number.
    When I shop, I can then go row by row.

  13. Jennifer Luna

    THANK YOU for mentioning the shopping list!!! I had no idea and now grocery shopping will be so much better!!!! Thank you so much!

  14. WowIndescribable

    Is the Personal Voice data private? Or is it somehow being shared off-phone with data brokers or whatever to be able to identify you by voice elsewhere?

  15. jsprhrmsn

    I keep struggling to get my personal voice to work. It's there, but I can't select it (I'm in Spain so perhaps if's not officially rolled out?)

  16. One incredible thing my iPhone 15 Pro Max cannot do is hook up to my home Wi-Fi. It’s very annoying.

  17. pug_63

    A tip I’ve just been made aware of is being able to check transactions etc on any credit/debit cards you have in your Apple Wallet. You do this by going into the Wallet app. Not worldwide, apparently, but defo works in the UK.

    Thanks as always for the content!

    PS Personal Voice not available on my XS. Guessing it’s just on the 14/15 models?

  18. MrChutney

    The smart lists feature is genius, thanks for that one in particular πŸ™‚

  19. loeki66

    Gotta be honest, never heard what a panda sounds like. Not something I was expecting to learn in one of your videos . TIL πŸ˜‚

  20. kaiete

    The Lumos / Nox feature works with Google Assistant too, but it's even cooler: If you say it to a Nest device, it turns on or off all the lights in that room!

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