12 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone COULD DO (2023)

Things you didn’t know your iPhone could do. Hidden features and tricks you can find on your iPhone on iOS 16 that you probably didn’t know existed.

Cool things your iPhone can do and you didn’t know about. You can find a lot of hidden features on the iPhone which are very useful and most people don’t even know about them.


👉iOS 17 – Supported Devices & Release Date: https://youtu.be/lopZnPyh31Y

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👉FREE UP iPhone & iCloud Storage: https://youtu.be/s9dBeZvO-2M

👉Things You Didn’t Know iPhone Could DO: https://youtu.be/J39miOyvyyg

👉How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Any TV – 2023: https://youtu.be/nkO2EveBaNc

👉iOS 16 – Set ANY Song as Ringtone on iPhone: https://youtu.be/d88VIiV9SOg

👉Check iPhone for Viruses & Remove Them: https://youtu.be/_dFuhJbIrn0

👉iOS 16 – 20+ HIDDEN Features: https://youtu.be/YJ6EwGNqC5Q

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  1. iReviews

    How many of these features did you know ?

  2. nmrasokan

    Where I can find your safari background image….??

  3. Ashanti Johnson

    That swipe thing isn’t working for me and I hate feedback! They’re not fixing anything

  4. Peter Stones

    When you toggle things and say things like "make sure you have this off" you reduce accessibility of your video's. You should describe everything properly.

  5. Rose Stines

    Will that work on the iPhone 12 or just on your iPhone 14 n higher

  6. Em Dub

    Wtf these are basic things from years ago. Waste of time.


    Will iPhone 13 or newer get dynamic notch or island like feature on iOS 17 or 18?.

  8. Ali Nesi

    I’m the first to comment sir, I think I deserve an iphone for that, will be waiting❤

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