14 iPhone Settings You Should NEVER Change

David and David tell you about 14 iPhone settings you should never change.

We talk a lot about #iPhone settings you should change. However, changing the #settings we mention in this video can lead to battery drain, Wi-Fi issues, and worse — they can completely break your iPhone.

📱 iPhone settings you should turn off now: https://youtu.be/TQyW0nKKza4

📱 iPhone settings you should turn on now: https://youtu.be/_fMEwxXEeBc

📱 iPhone Privacy settings you should change now: https://youtu.be/-nCRWI6cHJo

😱 Signs your iPhone has been hacked: https://youtu.be/Atd3izSD3D4

1. Prevent Cross-Site Tracking [0:15]
2. Protect Mail Activity [1:05]
3. Security Responses & System Files [1:29]
4. Date & Time [2:01]
5. iMessage [2:28]
6. SMS & MMS Messaging [3:14]
7. Group Messaging [3:35]
8. Find My iPhone & Emergency SOS [3:48]
9. iCloud Backup [4:54]
10. Private Wi-Fi & Limit IP Address [5:41]
11. Cellular Data [6:29]
12. Data Roaming [7:00]
13. Emergency Alerts [7:13]
14. Auto-Brightness [7:39]

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. redredwine1277

    Can you explain, chromebook? Merry Christmas🎄Thanks again🎄

  2. Now Dig On This

    i have a question someone keeps sending me a verification code from apple supposedly but it does not have a link on it to follow so i figured someone is attempting to get into my apple account is this a scam or someone actually attempting to break in

  3. Cuhhrayz Wuhermz

    Just got a iPhone se 2nd gen, and it’s on iOS 16.1. Can not for the life of me to get the shutter and live picture bubble pop noise to be silent when I take a picture and it’s annoying to me. I’m so use to keeping my stuff completely silent keyboard and everything. I mute it on the side, I’ve did it through assistive touch… can not get none of that to work.

    I’m updating it to 16.2 now I’ll reply to myself here if it fixed it or not, does anyone else have this problem?

  4. Min Wade

    Does the emergency no.’s in other countries get recognised too, not just 911? Simple ? but some may NOT know. I was taught no question is too silly. Great video Thank you D&D. Best wishes from Adelaide; South Australia🇦🇺💐

  5. Healthy Healings

    Just to be clear cause I have Verizon too, Roaming should be on(in green) and not off?? My bad, but I’m confused by that statement lol

  6. David Lintner

    Following your advice on this and other videos has increased the life of each charge. Good info, guys.

  7. ArtFartzy

    Auto brightness is the one setting I will never turn on, I hate it more than anything. If only it was working like it should then maybe I would consider using it but it doesnt. If you have it on try going into a dark room / area and notice how far it turns down the screen brightness, on my iphone 14 pro max it turned it down so low that I could barely read the text on the screen when viewing text on websites, or messages and emails or text in settings. Auto brightness get's 2 thumbs down from me.

  8. The G

    Nice videos, guys. I can’t find the MMS option in my iPhone 14 Pro. I’m in India. Is it due to the region I am in or otherwise. I have the latest software update

  9. Ricky T

    8:17 thank you!
    really appreciate your assistance especially since I'm older and not tech savvy. 🙏🏽

  10. Gene Paradiso

    I turn off Amber and Emergency Alerts. The are super load and annoying. I have my TV that warns me.

  11. René Morales

    David & David, thanks for those great videos for iPhones.
    I have an iPhone 12, lots of troubles with it at the beginning. Too long to describe here. Purchased (upgraded) at AT&T ( current provider) phone will be paid soon.
    When you are telling us the path to follow for changes, these paths are not the same on my phone list. Maybe the iPhone type? Something wrong with the whole iPhone? Or else. Please provide instructions to the case. Thanks a lot for your time.

  12. CrimeVid

    Auto brightness will drive you crazy, it will always under gun brightness and waste battery moving stuff about. Turn it off, set screen brightness to slightly under half way on the slider, adjust if you notice the screen under or over,you probably won’t need to.

  13. Blues07

    Love your videos! Very informative 👍

  14. One thing they didn't mention is data roaming costs money, please don't turn it on unless you're ok with spending more money

  15. selw0nk

    But I use Chrome and Gmail instead.

  16. Rita Graham

    I have an iPhone 13 Pro. For some reason Amber Alerts, Emergency Alert and Public Alert do not appear. Is this based on the service provider? Thanks!

  17. Phoenix

    I also haven’t got a cellular button? Is this normal (11)?

  18. Phoenix

    On number 10, I haven’t got a blue information button next to Meowi, all I have is the Wi-Fi button? Can anyone explain why please?

  19. KAT

    Also under automatic updates I can choose, download iOS updates or install iOS updates and they’re both on.

  20. KAT

    I do not have a privacy protection under my mail. I have an iPhone 7.

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