14″ M3 Pro MacBook Pro & 16″ M3 Max MacBook Pro Review

Apple’s 2023 M3 MacBook Pro models come in a somewhat confusing array of configs and the usual 2 sizes. We look at the middle configurations that many folks are actually considering rather than the highest and lowest end models available. In this review we cover the 14” MacBook Pro with an M3 Pro (12 core CPU / 18 core GPU) and the 16” MacBook Pro with an M3 Max (14 core CPU / 30 core GPU). These are retail configurations rather than BTO and can be found in stores for $2,399 and $3,499 respectively. We compare benchmarks and real world 2D/3D performance between these two models and with the 16” M1 MacBook Pro M1 Max (10 core CPU / 30 core GPU).
** Get the M3 MacBook Pro at Best Buy: https://howl.me/ckZXML0IyiA
** Get the 16” M3 MacBook Pro on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3SFOJXF
** Get the 14” M3 MacBook Pro on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3syXp7v


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  1. Scharel Brown

    Please do a review of the samsung ultra tablet update please

  2. Em Home

    I just began to use the touch bar from time to time after several years. Is it gone forever now?

  3. Derkaramma

    Crazy that Lisa is still out here making great videos 10 years later ❤🎉

  4. icymstrbt

    Honestly my day brightens every time I see a review by you!

  5. SuperMachead1

    For 95% of the people out there…the m1 MacBook Air for $750 is the way to go…..fanless and fast and light…great battery life….save your money 💰

  6. Karl B

    It's so refreshing to see a review without all the hype and actually focussing on what matters, thanks for that! I'm still holding out between a pro and max chip for a development machine until I get a bit more info between battery and performance between the two

  7. Kilian Smith

    Your influence is transformative! 🌟 – Success is not about the destination; it's about the journey…

  8. Jeremy Lopes

    Please don't hate me Lisa, I miss the long hair. You are so cool and I don't want to sound superficial. Thanks

  9. osbert

    stayed for the junji ito cat diary t-shirt

  10. Dreamcatcher_11_

    She’bs getting woker and woker next time she’s gonna be like Mike Obama🤣

  11. NETVO TV

    Lisa go hipster with that new hairstyle!

  12. ApenDev

    Very good video, as always! Thanks! Especially cool T-Shirt this time!

  13. Seb Luke Travis

    Want to know what good looks like? I bought a 2015 Intel Macbook Pro 15 inch – hammered it for 5+ years. I then sold it for 500 and bought an M1 Mac Mini 3 years ago for 550. Will upgrade in 2025. Don't be fooled by the Apple Lizard king and all his Youtube 'affiliates.

  14. Cheetah

    Great video! Wished you had tested and compared the ssd speeds too.

  15. Francis Yuweh

    thank you for this review, this help us decide on things^ keep it up

  16. Johnny Doe

    It’s Not a Bad Configuration People.
    Just Drop another $200 for the
    RAM like it’s Not your Money. 😅

  17. Sheik Yerbouti

    Great review Lisa! Many YT channels are obsessed with the M3 Max. You are showing how powerful the M3 Pro already is. However, there is one thing that is really limiting for thr M3 Pro model: the max RAM of 36GB. I dont understand why Apple is not offering a 64GB model. Well, of course they want to drive peps towards the MAX. Which sucks as a M3 Pro with 64GB would probably be more than enough for most use cases. In my case – music production with large sample libraries – 36GB unfortunately is not enough. It is a pity that upgrading the RAM is only possible by buying an overkill CPU.

  18. Granpa King

    Hey there my girl Lisa how you doing it's been awhile I'm glad to see you again this was a beautiful review of the Apple MacBook yes

  19. Gerard Veenstra

    Thank you for picking and testing the sensible configs. I was really waiting for some M3 Max 14/30 review.

  20. Daniel C

    A notch again … Apple trademark ! 😂😂😂

  21. €wkx.MS.xkw£

    😉😄 I don't think you can improve your introduction
    🎉Good job

  22. €wkx.MS.xkw£

    I'm the biggest fan of Mac
    I want my first brand new Apple ® MacBook Pro

  23. Ahmed Rezk

    Before watching, I was waiting for your review on this mb

  24. Watch out

    I doubt ill ever get used to the bussy boy haircut😅

  25. June Chevalier

    So glad that Apple showed off Houdini in the M3 presentation. I do a lot of 3D rendering in Houdini, and while faster render time is convenient, the performance while working or simulating physics is necessary. Looking to upgrade 😀

  26. Moow

    Excellent review again!!! Thanx 👏👍

  27. S

    As always, useful, practical and interesting, the only review that makes every word count.

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