Should you UPGRADE to a NEW 14″ M3 Pro MacBook Pro from a M1 PRO Machine. Or should you even get a M1 Pro MacBook as they are FAR Todays Sponsor is from soundcore; BUY code £1 before November 8th. Redeem X600 now from October 25th, Redeem X500 from November 9th. The sale price will be £129.99 for X500, and £139.99 for X600.
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Lets COMPARE today to see what the diffrences are via Benchmarks and other tests to see how much better the M3 Pro is in todays REVIEW!

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Channel Site; http://www.youtube.com/c/MattDoesTech

Special thanks for the concepts and footage from;
Matt Talks Tech; Most of these concepts are made by myself. Please seek permission for useage
Apple; Some shots form their keynote

M1 Pro vs M3 Pro Intro 0:00
SPACE BLACK DESIGN & Features! 0:56
Sponsor 3:00
The M1 & M3 PRO Specs! 5:09
GeekBench 6 Tests 6:59
BlackMagic Storage Speed Test 9:56
Photo & Video Editing Export 11:42
Should you UPGRADE? 14:10
95% of M1 Pro Owners 14:30
5% of M1 Pro Owners 17:51
Conclusion 19:36

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#soundcoreMotionX500#soundcoreSpeaker #MotionX500SpatialAudio


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  1. Matt Talks Tech

    Do you think its WORTH Getting an M3 Pro MacBook Pro over an M1 Pro MacBook Pro?

  2. mavericky154

    Now, what about Mac on 8th gen intel? Leap frog to m3 pro instead of M1 Pro?

  3. Just Kiss Her

    I have the m1pro. I spent like 2500 on it and it only has 16gb which struggles to run quizlet! Glad to see that they have lowered the price of the pro and made it black. Makes it even more tempting to get the new one!

  4. F J

    Do a comparison between base M3 mb pro and base M1 PRO mb pro they almost come at same price bit M1 PRO is cheaper and can be bought from apple itself so just wanna how big of difference is there between the the two

  5. GL Media Group

    this makes me woker if they just rebrand M1 to M3 and tweak the firmware

  6. Cam

    M1 Pro owner, I had M2 air 8GB Ram 512SSD it was great computer so I was gonna exchange and order upgrade 16GB RAM so I thought nan then I’m paying for new M3 MacBook Pros. I went to local computer store that sells only Macs. Trade it in I only pay $400 to get M1 Pro 14 inch MBP and I love it!!! Still performances excellent!!!

  7. Andrea Littera

    Thanks for this video and the many analyses. If I can make a suggestion, starting the graphs not from zero gives a distorted perception of the values

  8. Coming from intel, would you suggest a refurb m1 max 64 gb ram, or m3 pro 36gb ram?

  9. Darren R

    I prefer to buy my tech slightly used toward the end of the product cycle. I got my 16 inch M1 Pro this way last year discounted by about 30 percent. That reduces cost of ownership significantly while still allowing me to buy newer tech that is up to date. I just can't deal with buying something and then seeing the value just tank right away.

  10. Darren R

    I'll be keeping my M1 Pro 16 inch for at least 4-5 more years. So solid performance and easily meets my needs.

  11. Darren R

    to be fair, 30 percent over two years is super solid improvement.

  12. Wulf

    Can you advise please? What should i buy from this too MacBook
    1. MacBook Pro 14: m1/16ram/512 -second hand for 1700€
    2. MacBook Pro 14 2023: m3 pro/18ram/512 – new for 2500€
    I’m a Web/Graphic Designer, so mostly its Photoshop, Lightroom, inDesign, Figma and sometimes video editing.

  13. MacBook Pro m2max changed my work life. I think it’s best to buy, when it benefits you right now significantly. Otherwise your will always wait for the next thing. Right now I’m saving for an iPhone 15 pro ❤

  14. Nimith Kona

    I'm using m1pro right now, and I feel like it's just reliable and more than enough in this world.

  15. Hawkman S550

    Until your Macbook pro gets moved to "Vintage status" no need to upgrade unless your having hardware problems.

  16. I'm using M1 pro 1TB 32GB ram, i would say it's far more enough for everyday use, I don't see any reason to upgrade

  17. timblewee

    I'm so glad you did this video as I was feeling a bit of FOMO about the M3 Pro. I think I'll be sticking with my 16" M1 Pro Macbook Pro until Apple stop doing MacOS updates for it. I am hoping this will not be for quite some time.

  18. 2 CATS 1 GUY

    Than you. I’m still looking at upgrading from an m1 iMac to an m1 or m2 studio. Refurb or course. But it seems the base m3 is a leap.

  19. Eagle Eye

    I am still using MacBook Pro retina late 2013 and for an average usage is still more than fine. All these comparisons make me laugh. Every year Apple will add more cores and processing power the 90% of the people don't need …

  20. Frenchy SG

    Not sure how you do you pourcentage but it’s should be (P2-P1)/P1. So single core is +34%, multi core 37%. Not bad. Comparing battery life gain due to E cores count increase would also be interesting.

  21. Wave Man Mike

    Can you please do M1 Max 16 in vs M2 Pro 14 in.

    I have a 2019 MacBook Pro intel and want to see which I should get

  22. Garrett Snyder

    M1 max vs M3 pro would be cool too. Seeing when the M1 max is beat by a pro would be interesting.

  23. C. Daubz.

    👍👍video, apple needs stop messing around and go full force in gaming across iphone ipad apple tv & mac

  24. rois martin

    does anyone knows any other direct comparison with m1 pro? i looking for more info about it

  25. Matthew Lowe

    I'm thinking of buying my first macbook pro and I'm so confused. In my local currency I can get 16" m1 pro for about the same price as the 14" m2 pro or 14" m3 with 16gb ram. Anyone got any pointers?

  26. Petr Kek

    Please guys, stop seeking happiness through purchases of things you already have and that more than totally suffice your needs.
    This makes you run in the wheel and unhappy in a long term perspective.

  27. Jpeter Zoom

    Qualcomm oryon cpu is coming to take the apple dollars in pc's 2024…M series chips were just the beginning….

  28. 1 Papon Kidsue

    If I don't have a Mac at all, should I buy the M1pro or M3 or M3pro , which is more worth it for studying data science?🥹🥹🥹i am so confused

  29. Ruwndar Wanchu

    I am caught in the middle if i should upgrade to M1 pro or M3 14 inch from my 13 inch M1. Can you make a comparison video. THanks

  30. Timo Grönroos

    My M1 Macbook Air 8/512 is still faster than my 10 Months old Lenovo Carbon Work Computer costing 2000€.

  31. Tim

    Who the bloody hell upgrades their iPhone every 2 years or so? Idiots I suppose.

  32. Hunter

    The M3 Pro can support 2x 8k screens at 240hz? What? No it can't?

  33. Jonas

    Appreciate the video but I had a bit of trouble following the maths – the numbers you stated seemed to be different to what the pictures showed, and I wasn’t sure why that was. Also, the benchmarking scores show around a 30% increase in single-core performance from the m1, but it seems closer to 40% for multi-core scores. According to your conclusion, do you mean that the single-core performance should get close to 50% for an upgrade to be considered?

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