You are currently viewing 144Hz vs 240Hz – Which Refresh Rate Should I Choose For Gaming Today?

144Hz vs 240Hz – Which Refresh Rate Should I Choose For Gaming Today?

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So is 240Hz worth it over 144Hz? Is it worth the extra price or is it just a marketing gimmick?

That’s exactly what we will discuss in this video, including some 144Hz vs 240Hz footage that can help you see the difference.

0:00 Intro
0:45 What Are Refresh Rates?
1:30 Intro to 144Hz vs 240Hz
1:59 144Hz vs 240Hz: Your GPU
2:43 144Hz vs 240Hz: See the Difference?
3:11 144Hz vs 240Hz: Too Pricy?
3:36 Conclusion


This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. MOChamp

    1440p + 144hz = perfectly balanced as all things should be

  2. alex reid

    go 1440p 144hz for now, hopefully in a couple of years you'll be able to push 4k 144hz or 1440p 240hz.
    Don't buy for the future because its expensive and 1st generation of something usually have the internal hardware improved upon as well.

  3. OMR HSN

    the difference between 60hz and 144hz is huge.The difference between 144hz and 240hz is not that noticeable.

  4. v4lio

    I run all of my games with 150+ fps but my monitor is 60hz so im gonna buy 144hz. In my country they are not expensive (150$ and even lower)

  5. Akash Lubana

    hey i am about to buy a laptop which has intel i7 9750h rtx 2070 16gb 2666 ram and 240hz , will it be able to give 240hz performance ?

  6. C*H*I*C*A*G*O

    i have a 144hz monitor but im thinking about buying a 240hz monitor

  7. MadBo V

    Trust me 144 or higher makes a big difference while gaming

  8. Just Nick

    I could never go with a 4K, I’m running a 2080 Ti but I can’t live with 60Hz lol

  9. S M

    Me watching on my 60hz monitor

  10. F

    If you play games like Geometry Dash, then you should DEFINITELY choose the 240hz monitor. At least if it suits your budget.

    Edit: The reason I say this is because Geometry Dash is very light and your PC can most likely run it at 240hz.

  11. Carboxylated

    120hz is fine for me….144 is nice but I can hardly hardly like barely notice a difference. 60hz to 120hz YES a HUGE difference. 144hz was running my CPU hot thus lowering frames. I found a happy medium at 120FPS/120Hz its AMAZING and my PC runs smooth.

  12. Mases

    Thanks for the unnecessary introduction, I definitely clicked on this video because I didn't know all that.

  13. Reyo

    Thanks for the great review

  14. Neutrida

    165hz 1440p 24inch or 240hz 25 inch 1080p?

  15. Ess2mad

    those are paid links ;-; why didn't you say so?

  16. Strale

    I mean 240 iz better period. But question i have is not 240 vs 144 it is 240 1080p vs 144 1440p

  17. Referio 3 6 9

    Its 2020. But how shes giving information in this video shows that she did really good in ela/language arts in school.

  18. Majean

    I will chose wqhd 144hz for a good Allrounder

  19. Karbut

    can i know the name of the wallpaper at 0:30 ? thank you.

  20. [br0ken_1n_b1ts]

    I can run 150fps with my Sapphire rx 5700 nitro+ rx and Ryzen 7 3600. I think a 144Hz monitor with FreeSync would be alright for me,gameplay wise. If anyone thinks I should have a more powerful monitor,please let me know. I don't want to make a poor choice.

  21. Fin

    I purchased a 240hz monitor for a good price recently only reason why I got it some games I can get 244 fps. Now I just bought a 144hz monitor also for a good price.

    So my question is would it be dumb if I used the 144hz monitor as my main and 240hz monitor as my secondary?

    I know I can get mostly 144fps in all games. But still asking the question

  22. MisterYubNub

    The only game my gpu can have a stable 240 FPS is fortnite

  23. Churrozz

    I got a 144hz 1440p and its the perfect balance

  24. Aleksa Alagic

    Should i take 1080p 240hz or 1440p 144hz i play geometry dash

  25. lyndon macaraig

    I upgraded from 60hz to a 240hz cuz I had 60hz for almost 22 years

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