15″ MacBook Air Preview! (Release Date, Price, and MORE!)

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  1. Thabiso Maleka

    I’d love to see more thunderbolt 4 ports & MAYBE a HDMI 2.1 port if the 15” is thick enoughb

  2. Brent Smithline

    Five years down the road when I am looking to replace my M1 MacBook Air will be looking at all my options at that time.

  3. Nathan Reedy

    This machine & how it is priced & if there are any surprises such as an additional port or two, will show in my opinion, if Apple is smart & consumers are dumb or vice-versa. I mean yes, if someone is buying just a base spec 15" M2 MBA at $1499-$1599, then yes there is a decent amount of savings between the 15" MBA & the least expensive 14" MBP. But if someone is looking at a 15" MBA for 3-5 years, I don't think that 8 GB Memory & 256 GB SSD are going to cut it & going to 16 GB Memory & 512 GB SSD on the 13" model adds $400 to the cost so that would put the 15" machine at either $1899-$1999 & then at this point & price (in my humble opinion) you might as well go for the 14" MBP. (I weigh the cost vs what I am getting in return, i.e. value per & for my dollar) pretty heavily & I realize that some people may not do this.

  4. amill1563

    I want to need it but I can't justify the expense.

  5. Erdadler

    Were is the video of you in an japanese Apple Store in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto? 🇯🇵

  6. JOEFACE4216

    Hey Greg will this docking station work to add external displays to my Ipad pro 4th gen

  7. Xcellence

    Hopeful we get more then 2 ports, gives at least 3 ports, please no more 8gb of ram and 256gb hd is too small.

  8. Bob Grimes

    I had a shirt just like that, but it also included OS/2, which I ran for 15 years on IBM PS/2 hardware.

  9. CeeJayy

    Is it just me or does Greg have a different hairstyle on every video 😂🔥

  10. Gloria

    The visuals in this video are stunning💕

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