15 NEW RPGs of 2023 And Beyond To Look Forward To

Video games are arguably at their best when they let you embark on grand adventures through fantastical worlds, and that’s precisely what any RPG should try to do.

2022 proved to be a great year for games of this ilk with the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, and 2023 and beyond is similarly packed with exciting RPG games.


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  1. Josh Starks

    If “Forspoken” looks “fresh” in any way I must be blind.

  2. Justin S

    Another great video guys, just one thing I noticed. It is over 100 systems in Starfield with over 1,000 planets to discover. You’ve misspoken in several videos now.

  3. Rok Zupan

    Im excited for those games
    lies of p
    atomic heart
    black myth wukong
    dead island 2
    wo long fallen dynasty
    final fantasy 16

  4. HolyCross9

    I'd hate to burst your bubble but Hogart's Legacy's release date has been changed to April 4th of this year.

  5. Tevya Smolka

    Howgrats legacy looks really awesome and I am very excited for this game.

  6. nate joe

    I'm not excited for starfield it reminds me of fallout and I do not like any of the fallout games

  7. nate joe

    But however I will give starfield a try cuz it's going to be on the game pass the only thing I'm going to be wasting is time

  8. Piyush Pandey

    Downvote for not putting the timestamps in your vidoes after millions of request

  9. Nael Mohammed

    7:55 FINALLY! I've waiting so long for the western release of Trails Into Reverie, took them long enough.

  10. Danny Lam

    Starfield polished?!?! Have you seen the framerate during firefights? How is that polished??

  11. Stickman

    I though Hogwarts was gonna be on ps4 too, did they change it?

  12. Griffin Keiser

    Starfield I feel is going to be a huge flop that ruins bethesda

  13. Stickman

    No Greedfall 2? Isn't that coming this year?

  14. BoneDrone

    The definition of RPG seems pretty loose in this list…

  15. Esfar

    Forspoken ? More like woke has spoken.

  16. So Sincere

    Good video. I didn't know about a few of these games.

  17. Ant GC

    You should check out Granblue Fantasy Relink

  18. Shadow Heart

    i dont like chinese martial arts they dont look credible at all and i am not making this up

  19. Cancheluk

    thank you very much for a great video👍👍

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