16 inch MacBook Pro Release Date and Price – M2 Pro & M2 Max Delayed AGAIN??

The NEW 16 inch MacBook Pro and the 14 inc MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro & M2 Max have been DELAYED AGAIN!! But do not worry…. As I want to show you today when the 2023 MacBook Pros are coming out!

I also want to share the latest on the 2022 16 inch MacBook Pro Release Date and Price and a summary of everything we know so far!

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iPhone 12; https://amzn.to/2ZM4HWB

iPad Pro M1 12.9 (2021): https://amzn.to/2Y6CpWq
iPad Pro M1 11 (2021): https://amzn.to/31iHrjT
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Channel Site; http://www.youtube.com/c/MattDoesTech

For now in these videos we are doing the latest leaks first and a recap of what we know altogether about the MacBook Pro models.

I will also have the latest MacBook Pro Price information for the Pro Models;
16 inch MacBook Pro
14 inch MacBook Pro

Special thanks for the concepts and footage from;

Matt Talks Tech; All of these concepts have been created by myself. Useage of these concepts need my concent and agreement first.
Apple; Keynote videos

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  1. Matt Talks Tech

    Do you own or plan on getting a NEW MacBook soon? If so what Model?

  2. Richard thurein

    i am currently doing medicine and have been using the i5 MacBook pro for a while now. I was looking forward to byuy a new MacBook pro or an air but I am hoping to save some money if I could get this giveaway since the tuition fees are really killing me:'. Either way. i have just subscribed this channel and would love to support you more.

  3. Alex Koch

    The M1/M2 Mac has been on my radar for over a year. My 2014 laptop can’t keep up with my engineering assignments and I’d be extremely grateful for a new computer that doesn’t crash when I compile code 😅

  4. Maurício Valim

    New macs are getting crazier and crazier… I am still amazed by macbook air M1. Anyway, I still have my mind set on buying an Ipad pro for 2023. Cheers.

  5. dukeinid

    I have a new Mac Mini M2 Pro on my shopping list if that really becomes a new product.

  6. Jordan Angeles

    I am a video editor and my current unit is Macbook Pro Mid-2015. I plan to get macbook pro m1 16inch this year it will be a big help with my current job🔥

  7. Dar bey

    im considering a 16 inch pro im still waiting to see whats gonna happen with the m2 and if my external gear will be compatable

  8. Ahmad Imam M

    I am a university student. I really want to have a macbook since currently I don’t have any laptop, I am using a university laptop that borrowed by my supervisor. I also wish to upgrade from my iphone 7+.

  9. Yo Flo

    Can't wait for the 16" m2 max and to see what the iphone 15 pro has to offer. I just hope the wait will be worth it…!!! Great videos btw keep up the goodwork 🙂

  10. Raghav Vijay

    I plan on buying a Mac Book pro or air in 202-Good luck for 500K subscribers Matt!
    Awesome Matt,I can’t wait to see the power of these M2 pro and max chips in these new MacBook Pros!!.Its going to be so awesome!!.I really appreciate your efforts in creating these high quality and informative videos-Keep it up Matt!.

  11. Moonhead

    I very much wish they brought USB-A back to the macbooks, i have a pretty old air with them and i’m not a huge fan of adaptors, but since i’m in the market soon, once these release i’m going to try and snag a macbook pro, gl on 500k

  12. Kshitij Patil

    I wish i will win your giveaway i really need a macbook for my CS preparation 🥺

  13. Sam Graveno

    Been holding out for the new MacBook Pro. Hopefully this spring!

  14. The Goop Squad

    Im more so looking for a MacBook Air. Because of my homeschooling it would make things more portable and easier for it, but these look great as well! Thanks Matt!

  15. I am hoping to buy the Macbook pro 16 when I am able to gather up funds for it

  16. Wally Covington

    I would love to see these new MacBook pros come in different colors like the midnight color we have for the MacBook Air.

  17. perosa gathungu

    Nuh my major priority is the iphone 14 pro plus I'd opt to get it sooner or later as apple ecosystem only works seamlessly with apple products so it's a compulsory

  18. SuprGal

    I'm planning on buying MacBook in future.

  19. Muhammad Uzair

    Well these seem an overkill for most users including myself. A friend told me that the M1 Mac Air is still killing it for him for most day to day usage. I’m hoping there is a major price cut on the m2 air in the near future.

    As for your giveaway section, would love to an Iphone 14 PM. Super excited and looking forward to the mixed reality headset as well.

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