16″ M2 MAX MacBook Pro – This is INSANE!

Apple gave us a big surprise when they announced the new M2 Pro/Max 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro, and now they are finally in …


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  1. enduroxplorer

    Greg, dont cut corners, go to your preview tests and have actual times for previous version vs new M2.

  2. Paul RS

    I like watching the unboxing. I only wish I were doing it

  3. Vitaliy K.

    Why is everybody just making the same tests? Can't you guys show something except the video editing, it's not the only thing the macbook pro is for(

    The video itself is great, don't get me wrong. Looking for Xcode/unity/unreal engine/blender tests and can't find, the only tests people are making are Video Editing tests and benchmarks lol.

  4. Evan Rodgers

    Greg I was that Apple employee but I was taken aback because I thought you were Garrett from Community at first.

  5. InDeepATV _

    I finally took the plunge and purchased a new 16 inch MBP M2MAX with 96 gigs of memory 4TB HD. Probably one of my biggest wtf purchases, but do keep in mind, when my previous laptop exports 15 minute 1080p videos in 2 hours on a good day. The upgrade was much needed and I’m pretty excited to finally get around to editing more videos. Now I finally wont be turned away from wanting to edit. Good videos sir, thanks for the tech talk.

  6. Daniel Chamorro

    You are not very technical or accurate in the tests versus M1 MAX, just your own memory. The same with heat. Putting hand is not an exact matter.

  7. Jerome Scott

    I upgraded from a 16” M1 Pro with 32GB of RAM to a 16” M1 Max with the binned CPU and 32 GB of RAM. 16 GB just wasn’t enough for my workflows. The memory was regularly at 90 or more in use. But I don’t think I need 64GB at this point. I will have to wait until February 9th to pick up my new Mac, so I guess I’ll know soon.

  8. Ryan Shaw

    I have a 16” intel MBP with Touch Bar, I'm thinking of replacing with this spec.

  9. Senna

    Thanks Greg, I like it that you have an opinion and not just reading out numbers and specs.

  10. mattvmani

    This is so frustrating. Day 1 and no one has any freakin 16” m2 pro (non max) reviews. Anyone that is trying to figure out if it’s worth it can’t even go buy one.

    Did apple make everyone promise to not review the normal m2 pro????? You know the one most people are going to buy since that’s what Best Buy carry’s.

    I thought everyone was waiting til midnight to drop the review. NOPE.

    So annoying, who really cares about the M2 max that no one can afford.

  11. Bill Herman

    How about using same clips for exports etc on M1 vs M2?

  12. Dane White

    I would like to see you run emulation and virtualization, UTM, parallels etc. Make it work.

  13. Bill B

    New macbook pro faster than old macbook pro shocker.

  14. siddestroyer88

    So many reviews and yet no mention of the actual clock speed of the M2 Max CPU on the 16 inch macbook pro. What's the CPU clock speed ?

  15. SlivB

    nice vid! pro gives black applestickers 🙂

  16. Michelle Adams

    so, that means it will wear out faster…and that other parts not optimized for this "speed" will also not function. Yay. I'm sticking to my M1.

  17. Brian Sallows

    That is a pretty expensive beast. How do you afford to keep buying all these machines ?
    Do you sell them on , after a year or two ?

  18. ArthropodSpidey

    Well, I guess he lied about not getting it. That AdSense money must be good.

  19. Guru Gamer

    Is the M2 Pro – 19c GPU- 32 GB with 1TB good for professional video editing 4k – 5.6k. Using applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

  20. Jack R

    These scores are so much higher than the 13" MacBook pro, they shouldn't give these macs the same name

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