18 Apple Watch Settings You NEED To Change Now

David & David tell you about 18 Apple Watch settings you NEED to change to save battery life, free up storage, and protect your health and safety.

1. Background App Refresh [0:13]
2. Screenshots [1:08]
3. Configuration Profiles [2:01]
4. Mirror iPhone Focus [2:36]
5. Airplane Mode [3:05]
6. Auto Hotspot Setting [3:35]
7. Always On Display [4:05]
8. On Wake Settings [5:06]
9. Wake Duration [5:27]
10. App View [6:05]
11. Reduce Loud Sounds [6:53]
12. Haptic Alerts [7:27]
13. Fall Detection [7:54]
14. Gunshot Detection [8:46]
15. Optimize Charge Limit [9:05]
16. Automatic Downloads [9:40]
17. Mindfulness [10:02]
18. Podcasts [11:30]
19. Privacy & Security [11:57]

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Tanny O'Haley

    You said you don't see the importance of fall detection. I've had Parkinson's for over 27 years. My Parkinson's doctor told me that the number one reason a Parkinson's patient goes to the ER is from falling.

    I have fallen before and watch asked me if I had fallen. If I don't answer it will call 911 for me. So for me it's very important for safety reasons.

  2. serious__fun

    70 seconds allows enough time to locate the pulse and count for 60 seconds (pulse or respiratory rate).

  3. Denise Paige

    Thank you both! I enjoy your videos. Such good advice, explained so well.

  4. John Hill

    For the love of Christmas can they finally allow for deleting of all messages instead of deleting them one by one.

  5. Timm

    70 seconds is good for emt and paramedics that need to count the pulse which has to be done for more than 15 seconds.

  6. Svålly

    I bought an Apple Watch for an hour ago. This video helped me 🙂

  7. Kathie Kossor

    Okie Dokie! I’ve always appreciated your advice so I joined. I do have a question though. I have trouble with my eyes. Can these things be changed using the Watch icon on my phone? Thank you.

  8. I used to power my watch off at the end of each day and then I accidentally held the power button down too long and it called 911. That happened twice and then I figured out how to turn that feature off.

  9. Gerry Keaveney

    what are the additional settings linked to turning off optimised battery>? you said you would mention them….did i miss them?

  10. T J

    I just bought an Ultra this past friday, I've been searching videos all weekend, im so glad you all released this today.

  11. Donald Glick

    I hate wearing wrist watches, and I stopped wearing them when I got my first cell phone. Since I own an iPhone and an iMac, why do I need an Apple Watch uncomfortably strapped around my wrist? I don't see the need for an iPad either. Too much tech. Or perhaps I'm getting old?

  12. TaroKun Life

    I wonder why something like "mindfulness" isn't on the Watch 4. Did the Watch need to be upgraded for this? Apple does some odd stuff in the OS.

  13. banksiasong

    Wish this was written down because they go turbo fast through items.

  14. Pinhead Larry

    🎵 I always feel like somebody's WATCHing meeee 🎶 heeeheee

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