2015 – 15″ Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)

My thoughts on the 2015 15″ Macbook Pro. Comparing the base model and the M370X to the 2014 model. Enjoy!
Gaming Benchmarks all done in 1920 x 1080

Music Track: Nice Days – FILI
Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

More details of the Forcetouch Trackpad here: https://youtu.be/zwOcWuAbuxs

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  1. Duong Tran

    Hi, Dave Lee. I have a question. How much GBs do your SSD have?

  2. Tony Cruse

    I miss the USB and SD slots that these (old 2015 MacBooks) possessed.

  3. Prank'd Tv

    Hi dave , Great video! Would you still recommend the 2015 macbook pro 15" base for video editing? I'm thinking about getting one but not sure.

  4. Mostafa Maher

    Hey Dave love the channel, nice to see a tech reviewer who lives in Toronto like I do. I’m buying the 2015 15” macbook pro due to it’s better keyboard and legacy ports, which processor would you recommend getting to future proof it for the next two years and would you recommend getting the amd radeon gpu in order to play low graphics games like world of warcraft. Thanks!

  5. Anabasis

    I'm considering buying one of these babies instead of the poor choices I have with the newer models.

  6. MightiestArm

    Is it worth buying in late 2018? I like this system more than the new MacBooks with just usb-c has more ports

  7. Bart

    I knew right away that M370X will destroy that 750M in Final Cut – all because… AMD (are ALWAYS better in Final Cut) and the most funny thing is that Iris 5200 Pro is the SAME FAST as that 750M in Final Cut! 750M is only good for gaming – that is it.

  8. Matthew Maneri

    Great video!
    In need of some advice. I have 2 options.
    $650- 2014 13" Macbook Pro with the 2.6ghz i5, 16GB ram, 256SSD. versus, $500- 2015 13" Macbook Pro with 2.7ghz i5, 8GB ram, 128SSD.
    So.. which do you buy and why? I know the ram and SSD on the 2015 can be upgraded. I'm not too concerned about storage. I'm more concerned about the difference in ram. Would I be better off with the 16GB 2014 i5, or the 8GB 2015 i5? The processor scores are only 5% better in the '15, so would that Ram in the '14 be the better option for better performance? The programs I'd be running would be music/recording software- Logic, Reason 10, with soft synths such as Arturia V collection 6, etc with an Apollo interface (if you're familiar). So no current video work. I'm hoping it can be usable at least until 2025. .. as I type this on my 2008 white 2.4ghz 4gb ram MacBook. which leads me to my next question.

    Another question/concern- I know after so many year the Macs are no longer able to receive software upgrades (I'm assuming because of hardware limitations). It happened with my 2008 Mac about 3-4 years ago, and with my friend's 2010 1-2 years ago. So it seems they have an 8 year lifespan. BUT, I have a white Mac, his is the aluminum unibody. So my question is.. is his 2 years ahead not because the computer is 2 years newer, but because it's an overall newer model? Will the 2015 give me 1 more year of updates compared to the 2014 because of the 1 year newer processor? Or is it all the same because it's a similar model with just a 5th gen vs 4th gen i5.

    Your thoughts? MUCH appreciated.

  9. me

    considering this all in an effort to avoid butterfly switches and no ports… they’re truly moving backwards

  10. Denniszen

    thinking of buying in 2019 but the 2014 model as it's the same features

  11. DC

    How much would you pay for a 15 inch 2015 512 gb today’/ I’m great condition ?

  12. Autumn Raine

    I picked up a 2015 Retina MacBook Pro 15 inch with dual graphics, and 1TB SSD.

  13. JesusLovesYou

    My MacBook got on fire and Apple refused to do the repair. My whole family was put in danger and they told me that it is not their fault as I should have home insurance in place just in case their laptop catch fire. Shame on you Apple! Please avoid to buy their MacBooks if you value your life and your family.

  14. Seyi Ayoade

    woowww…it's been 4 years and damn apple is obviously a ripoff, over priced laptop because rendering on that machine that claimed to have a good benchmark is slow as hell compared to a cheaper acer aspire f5 i7 7th gen – I work on both machines..and I can categorically say DAMMMMN – video editors that render with a MBP have a knack for overpriced products. Infact the force touch doesnt even feel force enough by 2019 standards :joy:


    here is 2015 MacBook pro retina 13" i7 vs i5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0afYsGenALQ&t=24s i was comparing been a week and hardly notice the difference with 2.9 8g i i5 with 8GB been expeciencia I feel that 2.9 is a bit faster something strange and everything OS X last updated with the same programs.

  16. Marvynaytor1

    you need to make videos like this again. all your current videos are whiney and constantly complaining also too short.

  17. Yendo

    I miss this song opening :""")

  18. kayrish

    Bought the 2014 just before the 2015. Those were the last good laptops from apple. Lo and behold they've returned back to scissor switches (thank god). Mine's still completely OEM after 4 years with 82% battery health. No replaced parts either. Gonna keep pushing this baby with an OWC SSD upgrade and keep going till 2021 at least! No GPU failures either (nVidia).

  19. Andradé

    just got a 2015 Macbook Pro base model with 16gb for $640

  20. Erik Lundberg

    I just bought a 2015 MacBook Pro 15” with 2,8 GHz CPU, Radeon R9 M370X graphics card and 1 TB SSD. The 2015 MacBook Pro models still have optical audio out on the 3.5 mm jack and that is a benefit for me because I use it for my DAC.

  21. hamza Edd

    Am a college student planning to get a MacBook pro for 1st(after a lot of savings)
    I wanna a 2015 model (13”) is it good for some video editing just some basic stuff not heavy editing?

  22. Kog Block

    I finally got the 15" 2015 macbook pro in 2020 for $950
    It's $300 cheaper than the 2016 model and it got all the ports I need
    I don't use USB C at all and hate the new keyboard

  23. Kburd 1348

    Just bought a 2015 macbook pro 15 with the 2.8 i7, and r9 for like $700

  24. Great video, its really help me, thank you very much, we are waiting for your next video, keep healthy and keep uploading

  25. Rowell John

    How about in 2020? Is this still one to consider? Thanks.

  26. Saul Aceituno

    Hi Dave! I've been following your channel for some time now and you're my most trusted YouTuber when it comes to computer content 🙂
    I searched this video because I came across a pretty good deal on a MacBook pro mid 2015 model with the amd Radeon R9 M370X with 16 GB RAM, 2.5ghz processor Intel i7.

    Based on what I seen on this video is seems like it would be reliable with mainly video and picture editing and I don't plan on gaming that much on it.

    Do you think it's still worth it in 2020?

  27. Aarun Al-Rasyid

    5 years ago and Im still using the macbook pro 15 mid 2015 (MJLT2) hopefully it could stand more than 3 years a head 😀

  28. Gwen Milvar

    Dang, even back then your videos have always been so clean and crisp.

  29. Daniel Jbaily

    Why am i here? My cousin is sending me this MacBook so yeh let's visit Dave

  30. rchavezj

    Buying the 2014 MacBook 15 looks reasonable except with Apple and Nvidia cutting ties

  31. Aarun Al-Rasyid

    Who else still using the MJLT2 these days? Im Watching this on my 2015 macbook pro 15 XD

  32. Dan Gennaro

    I just got a Mid 2014 MBP/16GB/1TB NVIDIA graphics SSD and it runs super hot and fans blow loud! Took it for repair, replaced paste and supposedly needs new motherboard. Does the 2015 run hot too? Wondering if the AMD is better than IRIS. Planning to do light graphic design and music prod. thx

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