2015 Alienware 13 Review – Gaming Laptop (GTX 960M)

A review on the refreshed 2015 Alienware 13″ with the GTX 960M. Enjoy!
Purchase here – http://amzn.to/211h5Y4

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Pak47

    i7 6500u, 16 gb ram, 960m, 256 ssd, 1 tb hard drive, 3200×1800, touch screen worth it now for 899??

  2. swaus

    How good is it for gaming in 2017 though.

  3. Saad Fakhoury

    I've just bought this laptop from about 1 week
    for 1,600$ but it is i7 and 2.50 GHz
    I am using it mainly for the REVIT program; Engineering program similar to the AutoCAD but much more advanced
    it is working very good

  4. ItsVicHD

    About to pick this up with the amplifier and a gtx 1080 time to play minecraft no I'm just joking I've had this laptop a while with the amplifier with the gtx 1080 love the laptop definitely an upgrade from my i3 intergraded grapics

  5. well it is an Alienware so it's gonna cost more thats like saying why does a ferrari cost more then a corvette all tho the corvette is faster.


  7. Eddi 1

    I face problem with the trackpad and the led lights with this version

  8. Mr. Joker

    hey i have the same model i am confused if this model is a oled or not?

  9. David Yao

    Thank you Dave 2D for your AMAZING videos and I found an alienware 13r2 with the same specs for only $1089.99 usd so I am looking forwards to buying it and for new videos as well! [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5)̲̅$̲̅]

  10. Lane

    I just picked up a used i5 model of the same laptop for $500, so glad I waited 😂

  11. CorkyBoi

    I found one on eBay for 300. Not sure if it legitimate

  12. Ali Alfakih

    Hey can you play games on this laptop like pubg, cod, fortnite and battlefield

  13. PRCREED76

    I just got this one on eBay for 450$ good deal 2019 am I the only one who thinks it’s still a good laptop still one of the best

  14. David Does

    Just bought one of these from an Asian man I met from the facebook marketplace for $450 and it's in perfect condition with the box it came with and charger lol.

  15. Carlos C

    Just bought mine for $250 dlls from a guy who get it from Tucson Az.

  16. GB3 _

    Is this laptop recommended for 2019 gaming? Am planning on buyung a laptop and on a budget so am planning on getting a used one and this came up.

  17. Sunbeam Yt

    so i factory reset this and i dont know where to customize my rgb ( cant download alien fx)

  18. Gavin Manteuffel

    i got one almost 6 years ago with an i5, 960m, 500 gig HD and 16g ram and was just over 1000 so not too bad. i got a 500gig external ssd that was cheaper and faster than upgrading to the TB HD tho cus 500gig not that much space. thing still has been chuggin along with daily use and keeping up with modern games with 50+ frames, so i think it was a pretty good choice. the trackpad and battery are definitely an issue tho like he said lol i usually just use a mouse

  19. Rob B

    Wow I have this laptop still in 2021 and bought it in 2015 and it’s crazy because I remember watching this 😢😩 now it barely runs a GameCube game (Re4) wow thanks for the videos and glad to see the success and commitment to YouTube 💪🏼🙌🏼

  20. Glaive Ashwood

    what's the song at 5:15. I haven't heard that song for over a decade. I need the title please.

  21. J. Anthony

    From their Instagram page it looks like they are dropping an X13 soon

  22. French Fries

    Recommended for game The Witcher 3. Ramai yang takut dengan Model 13"

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