2015 Dell Inspiron 7000 Review – 15″ – 4K Display

A 4K notebook for $1350
A full review of the 2015 Dell Inspiron 7000 with 15″ – 4k display
Specs: i7/15″- 4K/16g

Product info: http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-15-7548-laptop/pd?ref=PD_Family

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. utkarsh singh

    hi dave lee, please give your impression on dell Dell Inspiron 7560 Notebook.

  2. Evelyn Amelia

    Hi Dave, can you do a review on the new Inspiron 7460? I want to buy that one but watching this gives me some doubt since I'm gonna be using it to render 3d animations :/

  3. charliemans1

    I was considering buying this Laptop but needed a few questions answered, but it was too new (at the time) for someone else I know to have bought it. This video answered every single one of them! Thanks Dave, Appreciate it And please keep to the minimalist vibe you give off in your videos, real classy.

  4. Spandan Samiran

    I love your review videos. But i haven't seen any reviews of the Dell Precision Series from you. I hope you do that in the near future.

  5. chonkycat

    you just saved me from buying a really bad laptop, THANK YOU

  6. Dr. Buttcheeks

    I've had this since 2015 for my college classes, and this is hands down one of the worst laptops I've ever had.
    It's annoying not being able to watch videos in full screen, how much this laptop freezes, and overall how much it costs. I'm saving up for a new laptop, and I can't wait to get rid of this.

  7. Kunal Bhatt

    hey dave lee….
    plz plz plz i m huge fan of ur videos….
    so plz can u make a review on dell inspiron 7560 model ….

  8. Bhanu Akhil

    Dave can u suggest me few designing & gaming laptops below $850

  9. Can you make a review for inspiron 7460? Thanks great reviews by the way keep it up.

  10. mortalcombat

    i remember i bought this from dell website and i was going to keep it but after seeing your review i returned it within a week

  11. MentalStatus

    Hey, I've had this computer for around 3 years now, and even though many people wont be buying this model anymore, let me just say DONT!!! This is NOT FOR LONG TERM USE!! After 3 years, the battery doesn't last 10 minutes, I'll often overheat while playing games like Rust on the lowest settings possible, the wifi completely broke, and the screen is coming off the hinges. The rubber lines on the bottom did eventually fall off, and overall it's just insanely slow. I'll admit I'm not the best at taking care of my electronics, and I have split liquids on this laptop, but I got it repaired. You're better off buying something else if you want a laptop that will last for years, because this wont.

  12. chellooza

    I've been having trouble picking a laptop for college. Since I'm a graphics student, I have a choice between the dell inspiron 7000 (in the video) and the HP Envy 13 AD143TX since these laptops are on my budget. Any suggestions or advice?

  13. Ng

    tolong review dell latitude e7440 haswell

  14. Robert Harry

    How about their are no reviews on youtube for the new version of this laptop. Inspiron 7586 (black edition) ???

  15. Sanish Borker

    Please do a video on New 2019 Inspiron 15 7000 7591 model

  16. It is incredible to see how far you have come. I had never seen one of your older videos and the contrast is obvious. This is not bad, but your work today is so on point that it was impossible to not make a comparison. Congrats, Dave!

  17. Mine is also the same laptop 7548 what else we can change externally to boost performance and use it for gamming

  18. Polyariz

    Terrible laptop, buzzing like a vacuum cleaner, too noisy, the glossy screen quickly tires the eyes.

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