2016 15″ Macbook Pro Review – Disappointed.

Dave2D review of 2016 15″ Macbook Pro (Radeon Pro 460) with Touchbar. Is Apple’s best laptop worth it?
Buy it cheaper than the Apple Store here – http://amzn.to/2ftYIsL

Some other options:
13″ Macbook Pro – https://youtu.be/niExdgR14Gk
XPS 15 – https://youtu.be/qA-8_OpUdEM
Razer Blade 2016 – https://youtu.be/TN-Rub-lmc4

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  1. Brito Worx

    Just got a used fully loaded 2016 MB Pro for $1.6k, upgrading from 2012 MB Pro. Wish me luck 😩.

  2. empaulstube

    anyway, you buy apple for the OS and the design. so I think, we cannot compare apple with windows machine

  3. This transition to USB-C is taking wayyy to long…. almost 2020 and we’re still in that “transition” you talked about. And personally. Not a single person in my family even knows what is USB type C p/thunderbolt lol. My new XPS 15 will have a USB type C that I won’t use for a long time.

  4. Mangold

    2016-19 models AKA "MACBOOK PRO-BLEMS"

  5. Vints_Edits

    so if u buy this laptop for 1500$, this is a good deal ?

  6. C3B0

    Meanwhile in 2020 people still use USB and SD cards

  7. John K

    Wrong – "In 2018 you won't miss all the IO ports". Well it's now 2020 and my 2016 MBP is sitting in a closet. I went and bought a used 2015 MBP so that I can get all the IO ports and the proper keyboard back. Dongles suck. No travel keyboard sucks. non upgradeable RAM and memory SUCK. The best MBP ever made is the 2015 version.

  8. Andy Jame

    All the programs that I need to use run smoothly JustU.Faith/Mac-Book and without any bug, the screen resolution and size are perfect, I personally love the feel of the new keyboard.

  9. Siul spiega

    Wow! I'm watching this video, and I can't believe how much you were gentle to apple a couple years ago hahahha.
    Now it seems like you just want to slay apple lol.

  10. fanofgleeandTHG

    Hi! I’m from 2020. Good news from the future: they fixed the keyboard. Bad news: we still need usb A.

  11. Vincent Jones

    Holy hell the usb dongle comment did not age well at all lol

  12. CR1992

    "In 2018 people will not care about USB ports…"
    It's 2020 and guess what…

  13. Shawn G K

    2020… still pissed about no USB type A 🙁

  14. Sco B

    Pc keeps usb 2,3 and adds
    usb c. If you have headers you can add a card

  15. Tony A.

    The beginning of this video had me dead…. 😂

  16. Egner Ozo

    Now 4 years but we still saying USB C is the future…. I am lost…..

  17. Kevin Dam

    I partially agree with you on the need for everything to switch to USB-C, but the SD card slot is the one port they should've kept. You'll always need a dongle for a SIM card, which virtually all creative professionals use and isn't going away anytime soon.

  18. Arun Priya

    its 2020 i do care about USB A and HDMI , Card slot

  19. MervinAbi

    Hi Dave, what will you suggest me to buy I have have 999 USD. A used but newly replaced bottom-half MBP 15 2016 or MBA M1?

  20. Jr S

    Hello, a quick note from 2020. Still annoyed about the USB ports …

  21. Jose Luis

    I have a question does this MacBook Pro have the butterfly keyboard? I’m asking because I want to buy one but I don’t like that butterfly keyboard it’s to stiff to type in.

  22. Tom

    Well this didn't age well. "2 years from now, in 2018, people will not care about the old school USB port."
    2021. We kinda still use it/ need it.
    9/10 mice and keyboards still use it. Bluetooth isn't quite ubiquitous especially for gaming mice. I'm just asking for one USB-A port. As a legacy, an homage to what came before it.

  23. Goose God

    Im from 2021 and everyone is still using usb a. 🤷‍♂️

  24. Misan Throp

    Can someone travel back in time and say him that at least the half of humanity is still in need of an USB-A Port in 2021?!

  25. Good News E&P

    I just bought one, no regrets. Not all of them have a keyboard problem…

  26. bruh bruh

    in a year from now, no one will be using USB type A anyway"

    Meanwhile, in 2021…

  27. Andreas

    That prediction about USB-C hurt… They did us dirty. Apple was right here.

  28. Ravi Peiris

    Good point: With the SSD being soldered on, how does one replace it if the SSD stops functioning? Especially at this price point. Major deal breaker.

  29. Pangtundure

    Apple 2016 : Let's remove ports
    Apple 2021 : What about adding the port's we removed ? ,Yes we should add them back.

  30. Caraka Putra

    Had to go back here after watching Dave's 2021 16 inch Macbook Pro M1 Max impressions video

  31. Solaris

    WORST MACBOOK ERA 2016-2019
    Finally we have returned to the PRO

  32. Starman

    "but I think most people can learn to like this keyboard"… no, most people learned to loathe and hate this keyboard as it was a vile typing experience and utter trash in comfort, usability, and reliability.

  33. ACC

    I'm from December 2021.. What a change

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