2016 HP Spectre Review – Is This Laptop TOO Thin?!

Dave2D review of the HP Spectre – The Thinnest Laptop in the World!

Purchase link : http://amzn.to/1XVC0ws

A comprehensive review covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With gaming and temperature performance tests.

Is this the best thin and light ultrabook? Is it too thin? How does it perform? How hot does it get? Watch and find out!

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  1. Laura

    New subscriber here 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting this model for a while and this video was helpful

  2. rasheed sobo

    This is like the equivalent of a prime warframe a prime spectre

  3. Tomy T

    Cant you some how deal for me a 360 hp device with 4.or more gb grapiccard and with touchscreen and pen ?? I have a lit of contact posibilities but im not beneficiate from no where 🙂

  4. Ellis The DJ

    I did not know all USB was charging port you learned me something new

  5. Watch out

    LOL!! we all know if u want a powerful expensive workstation ultrabook u get a mac because for windows charging that much for less is pathetic!($1169)
    For eg: for $799 u can get an Acer with a faster CPU an actual dedicated graphics card and a 1TB hard drive, sure its not the thinnest but thats why u only need one fan and have great batterylife. nuf said.

  6. Vishwajeet Patil

    Hey Brother!!!
    I'm a civil engineer & I want t buy a powerful laptop at about $1000. So should i go for Acer Predator 300. Or is there a better laptop other than this one!?!?

  7. ronney Polary

    yeah… the laptop is okay… but what about that onion, maaan? that was pritty fucking cool.

  8. AAA James Bond

    Laptops ain't never made for gaming… Go for a good gaming PC or built your own one…!!

  9. Romail Asad

    hey Dave!
    Hope u doing good. Can this support heavy programming, Android development and web development?

  10. Kilivi Labo

    I love your videos man. You make the product more interesting👍🏻

  11. Alex V

    I think I got a lemon then because after a solid 4 months, if i just turned on my Spectre, the fans would go fucking crazy and the core temperature would just immediately go up to 80 celsius or higher.

  12. DJAyrey415

    Does anyone know how much it costs now? I'm really thinking of getting it.

  13. Just Cade

    This is still the most beautiful laptop ever, even better looking than the current Spectre X360.

  14. It's 2021… And guess what?
    I can finally get this laptop…for a defective laptop. <Speakers are not working.> I think it's going to be worthy since this will be my first ultrabook

  15. Darsh Rathi

    the animation/blueprint thing at the end is so cool you should definitely bring it back if u can!

  16. R69NiX

    Probably the sexiest laptop of all time. Shiny copper gives me an erection.

  17. Grant Barker

    Any chance you can revisit the latest Spectre X360?
    As a longtime Windows enthusiast, I'm getting more drawn towards my first MacBook purchase.
    However, in my use case scenario – I think I would benefit from a touchscreen and 5G.

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