You are currently viewing 2016 Macbook Review – Get the Old One!

2016 Macbook Review – Get the Old One!

Dave2D review of the 2016 Rose Gold Macbook Refresh – Improved Gaming performance? Video editing? Enjoy!
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2015 Macbook Review –

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  1. Daniel Janca

    Which is one is better if they cost almost the same?

    2015 1.3(!) 8gb 512gb (gold)
    no warranty
    (top CTO model)

    2016 1.1 8gb 256gb (rose g.)
    5-6 month warranty
    ($50 cheaper)

  2. Daniel Janca

    Do you think upgrading from the 2013 1.7ghz i7 Air to a used 2015 top CTO (1.3ghz) Macbook is reasonable if the upgrade costs around $300-350? Heaviest tasks would be light/moderate retouching in Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Thanks!

  3. XtremE GamEr

    Can you edit 1080p video with this macbook? I need a new machine in terms of portability and also capable of video editing(mostly 1080p not 4k videos)during my backpacking trips but I Can't decide which one to get…..macbook 2015 base model or macbook pro retina "13 2015 base model?

  4. zanga

    Hey what about with photoshop and final cut is ther a decent difference in that with the new skylake graphics? Ty

  5. Li Cai

    for choosing a secondary machine, which would you recommend? The 2016 12" MacBook or the new 2016 MacBook Pro w/o touch bar??? The are similar in sizes and weights now…

  6. Laxmi Devi

    hey from where you get the wallpapers as all your wallpapers are good

  7. Adron

    my MacBook pro late 2012 with 4gb ram can run csgo 25-60 fps?

  8. oHouseCat

    would you be able to get razer cortex to boost performance when gaming?

  9. Ivo Sotirov

    How dd you connect that Alienware Graphics Amplifier with a USB C cable?

  10. if i want to do video editings with sv and photo editings with ps, will they work smoothly on this one or should i get the 2015 one?

  11. Trumpalumpa

    Man, I really would like to get this laptop but I wouldn´t know what to do with it.

  12. uShaBuntu

    very informative Dave! what i love is the fact the the bottom line is in the headline, yet it's awesome to hear what you have to say about it. Kudos to your awesome work

  13. James Eden

    I found a mint used 2015 with 26 cycles on the battery for $700.. I know I'd still be kicking myself for spending double on a new one. I love it but feel what l paid is about what these things are worth

  14. Fluff

    You can get the 2015 model for under $700 now used.

  15. SRAVAN S

    hmmm . 
    I am in a dialemma !
    Should i build my custom gaming pc with gtx 1080 and loads of storage and ram and I5 7600K liquid cooled and stick with my MacBook air OR 
    Get this MacBook and a MSI GS73VR … Gtx 1070 and I7 7700HQ please help !

  16. shop tube

    Honestly macbooks r just pretty.thats it.Dave said wait for 2016 macbook bc it'll be cheaper and he says go back to 2015 macbook.that just shows how bad macbooks are!

  17. DesignerM3D

    I am curious what the hertz would be on a external display that is not 4K or thunderbolt? For example on a 1080p display, also would this tax the video card if you used an external display regularly?

  18. Richard G

    The 12 inch Macbook got me through Nursing school. Really love how easily I could set up and start taking notes. Plenty of storage and speed for me.

  19. Parker

    Is it worth getting the 2017 instead of 2016?

  20. sonny

    I dont want speed increases anymore. Gaming nice… but I want
    color variations/durability and battery performance. Like not a little…. like alot….

  21. doge

    I am buying this for a backup laptop and for web browsing

  22. Divyansh

    I just wanted to see the newbie Dave.

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