2016 Razer Blade Review – The Best Gaming Laptop?

Dave2D review of the 2016 Razer Blade 14 – Covering unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad and gaming performance and thermal tests.
Purchase Link – http://amzn.to/1TQAWtW
Skins Link – http://dbrand.com/razer

Is the 2016 Razer Blade worth it? Is it a good gaming laptop? Does it overheat or throttle? Is this the best gaming laptop?! Watch and find out!

Razer Core Details: https://youtu.be/RsxhcTs0zJ8
Razer Blade Stealth: https://youtu.be/I4SgcraOAOU

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  1. Micu

    Dave's video reviews are smooth and simple… One thing I like… Best reviews so far for me…

  2. IVN117

    With games aside, would this work great for music production and video/photo editing?

  3. Mashar

    Should I worry about the nicks and chips silver enough to have to get a dbrand skin? I dont travel and just would use it on my bed or desk.

  4. Danial Ro.

    After a year of it's release, I paid $600 for it (used)… What a steal… 😆

  5. ibz kli

    It's a must to have a fingerprint reader, it so annoying

  6. Neon

    How many FPS will I get playing rust at max settings

  7. sarcoidosis

    help me out should i buy this or helios 300? ty in advance

  8. Kris

    Usb c doesnt provide enough power so it can only charge from the power adapter, the 7700hq and gtx 1060 take alot of energy

  9. Bob Kim

    can this laptop be played in Pubg? and Handle welll with league of legends? and recommend this laptop or Asus Zephyrus?

  10. Maxime Donnet

    hello everyone, so here I am going to be 15 years old and I would like to buy a laptop for school but also play games and so I inquired and I hesitate between the Razor Blade 2016 or Asus Zephyrus . Which one do you advise me?

  11. Aarun Al-Rasyid

    I think that razer blade is focusing for the content creator or a programmer that need portable device that could run game with max performance when they get bored? because the design of itself really focus on simple design but with high performance.

  12. Bape Cookies

    I just bought this laptop. Should have to wait a couple weeks to get in the mail but I'm psyched. Call me stupid, but I didn't realize it only comes with 256GB of storage? There is no standard harddrive in here? How can I resolve this issue if I want to create content on this machine. Will I just have to purchase an external harddrive to keep all the bulky video files on? Please reply, thanks.

  13. Abel Greeve

    can we use this for heavy editing (adobe premiere pro):) ASAP!!

  14. David Didio

    You should add a caveat to this review. Many of these computers up and fail due to a latent motherboard issue. A little over a year in and my $2000 gaming laptop is entirely useless (and razer support is notoriously slow). Loved this laptop while it lasted, but I'm now out a lot of money, with no laptop and have lost all of my files. If you're thinking about buying this just go with a more reliable brand, and definitely don't buy direct from razer.

  15. KEVAN SJ

    Hey Dave
    Xps 15 or razor blade 1060
    I play AAA titles and watch and edit videos and some programming

  16. Rishi Jeyamurthy

    I have been in the market for a gaming pc for about a year now and I still am. This video helped me SOOO much. Thanks Dave! Keep up the good work!

  17. notalchymy

    I like how only 2 and d are lit up in some shots

  18. Graeme Mann

    Just wondering if this computer could still be used for school? Like word, excel, PP etc. I am looking for a laptop to play some games and use for school

  19. Pinaple Minoxide

    I have a 2016 razer blade and highly advise against them. They have awful quality control, meaning even if you do like their product it is likely to come with a litany of bugs. Mine cannot sleep (unable to turn back on), display flickering, frequent crashes, can't handle more than a few tabs on chrome…

  20. Arshad Marzuq

    It felt that triton 700 and razer blade 14 is the same I'm confused

  21. Memo

    This is 99% same like my pc but its portable and sometime u can cook eggs on it. And is 500$ expensive.

  22. snarefarex

    great video as always…
    as for the laptop itself…
    if you as a consumer love overheating power bricks resulting in melted braided cables, and having zero luck getting it replaced then by all means this laptop is great!

  23. Eddie lul

    Is there any razer gaming laptop under 1000$ or like 1150$

  24. Adi Rs

    Does this Razer Blade work with the HP Omen accelerator ?

  25. spark9

    Watching this after your 2015 review of the Razer Blade, and I'm highly impressed how good you got in a year!

  26. Hobs

    In 2020 get a used laptop if you want gaming on the go

  27. S Masc

    It was great the first year. year 2 and up it overheats so much

  28. Maikl Ulcenko

    Can you help me please, which charge adapter I need? Because I bought Razer blade 14 2016 and there is not original adapter which is very hot after 20 min

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