2017 13″ Razer Blade Stealth – The Perfect Laptop?

Dave2D review of the best laptop from Razer. They nailed it!
Skins – https://dbrand.com/razer-blade-skins
Stealth Here – http://amzn.to/2tX2Jh7
Blue SSD Here – http://amzn.to/2kKatOh

External GPU Video – https://youtu.be/BOFZGCwoRmo

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  1. Dave2D

    It's cool to see razer actually listening to their customers. I really like this stealth! Thanks for watching 2D fam =)

  2. Prod.Scopez

    I use this to make beats and play games. The rendering is amazing. My pc build would mess up my fl studio beat rendering and this is amazing for rendering.

  3. Amith Kashyap

    I have arous gaming eGPU (mini). Which one is better stealth or XPS 13??? Considering service issues

  4. Ash Mrabet

    I personally loved the pro much better even than the 2018 one

  5. damiantwins702

    Great review. Just got home from Best Buy. Razer can thank you for a customer…. lol. Thanks!

  6. Tal Leron

    Hey, does this laptop (or the 2018 model of this) support PCI 3.0 Gen SSDs? (NVMe)

  7. kdavis508

    I see you added a skin to the trackpad as well. Does that change its performance or did you add it just for the look?

  8. A L

    I'm digging your Phantek case 🙂

  9. Mazorok

    I’m just waiting till Christmas for this thing

  10. Black The Rapper

    It's not perfect because it's not for games , perfect laptop don't exist…yet . Predator laptop is for games perfect but not good for working laptop , apple laptop is good for working , typing itp but shit for gaming…maybe some day it will be some laptop that can do anything .

  11. Aaron Reiten

    Just got this thing on offerup for $600, what a steal!!

  12. termiNATEr

    I just picked one up on new egg for 890 refurbished. I'm super pumped I'm not sure how much are going to still be in stock so act fast if you want one for the cheap!

  13. Mitch

    These are the kind of reviews I like. Saw a couple others from older gentleman and they were heavily opinionated.
    You separated your opinions from the facts which is awesome. And you're quick, to the point, fluent, just spot on review.

  14. Jackt 220

    Slap a core x on it and it is a full fledge desktop

  15. The Luigi Duck

    I do not agree with the quietness part of the video and the durability. My razer blade stealth bent and all i did was put it in my backpack for school and doing simple things like watching youtube at 1080p makes the fans spin up super loud.

  16. waadi

    How many cores does the cpu have

  17. Eddie lul

    Is there any Razer laptop under 1000$ or little more than 1000$ and is there not than what’s the cheapest budget Razer laptop

  18. Jayjay Lee

    Would you recommend this ultrabook for photo editing in 2019?

  19. Thanosss

    how can i update it with more ssd? mine is 256 and is not enough

  20. ChrisChris

    How do I get my hands on one of these, the 2017 model to be exact, am in Dubai.

  21. valiouwu

    would you recommend it for 2019 because i found one for $600 and im thinking about buying it

  22. i bought one a month ago for 695 USD. QHD IGZO 16/512SSD with a brand new battery. it was a good deal?

  23. Puffer Fish

    Extremely poor customer support and the bulging battery that will bend the metal chassis, with some thermal issues are the reasons why we should stay away. On top of that, my experience with Razer core x chroma is not plug and play, have to download the GPU switcher APP and appoint dedicated graphic card. If i accidentally unplugged the thunderbolt cable i have to restart the computer in order to reappoint the graphic card, otherwise it goes back to the integrated graphic card.

  24. Shock -

    Me: Tryna watch YouTube
    Stadia Ads: S T A D I A

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