2017 MacBook and MacBook Pro Reviews – 12 / 13 / 15 Inch

Dave2D Review of the 2017 Apple MacBook, 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros. Are these worth buying? How much better are they?
Wicked Hub – http://amzn.to/2exuM1N
Cheaper 15″ MBP – http://amzn.to/2ftYIsL
Cheaper 13″ MBP – http://amzn.to/2fqNLZg

Laptop Skins from https://www.dbrand.com

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  1. Dave2D

    Apple's MacBook had some nice upgrades this round. Hope you guys enjoy the vid! Thanks for support fam =)

  2. Brad275

    Is the top end 12” MacBook good for photoshop? I’m trying to find an ultraportable that won’t lag when I’m simply moving text boxes or rotating a photo

  3. Binman79

    Apple had a hard time making a car because they couldn't install windows

  4. ruben g

    These things can’t even run Fortnite. TRASH

  5. Hello Dave. I'm looking into buying a Macbook Air (2017 refreshed ver.) or a Macbook Pro without a Touch Bar, but I'm confused should I wait till June for the announcements at WWDC or should I go ahead and buy one now. I will be attending Baking and Pastry school from June and I'll mostly need it for light video editing, photo edits, creating brochures, browsing, watching videos, etc. What would you suggest for me?
    Thankyou for all your reviews btw, amazing videos very informative 🙌👍

  6. Belal Elsawi

    Dave it really interest me on how you make the rendering graphics in your videos like the one at 0:30 seconds. if you can tell me what software you use and how you learned it or even give every one a light review tutorial i believe a lot of us will appreciate it.

  7. rags015

    What you said about “low power processors and that much ram…those of you who wanted it…” directly lifted off Lisa Gade’s video of wwdc 2017!

  8. gabriel

    I am in doubt between the macbook and macbook non touch model…I would need at least 256gb of storage

  9. Square panda 15

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Product X has WAAAY better speakers than this MacBook!

  10. Marcelo Riffo

    Best Review i've found. Simple an cut to the chase. Thank you very much. I guess I'll be staying with my MBP 2016 Base Model. Cheers.

  11. izadine

    Hi Dave! Have you listened to the sound on the Huawei Matebook X (from 2017 or perhaps it was 2016) 13 inch? If so, what do you think about the sound of the Matebook? I like metal, hard rock etc and I believe the speakers are awesome on that model (more bass perhaps not as clear as Apple).

  12. i think apples computers and phones are great phones but the price is too high even considering the cost of manufacturing them thats just my opinion

  13. Stegt flæsk

    I mean 480p is fine for me. Because then you cant see How messed up Tour face is

  14. julian weber

    I recycled my old pc with an 4770k OC in a hackintosh and it has better GeekBench score than that 3000$ laptop

  15. fuzz

    lol I got a Samsung ad before watching this video

  16. Alex L

    I found that the touchbar is awesome, it could adjust some features intuitively and gradually without stops also could display fn keys by settings. And the minimal ports make charging on both side in convenience, no rear-used port exists, every port would be fully used. (esp the card slot, I think most people would not only have one type of card and most of them have a multicard adapter so a separate card slot on the side of a laptop is completely useless ) Very nice design.

  17. Kind of an odd question… How many brightness "ticks" equals 250 nits on the MBPro 13"? Obviously it's somewhat subjective based on location and lighting, but full is obviously 500nits. But half brightness, 8 "ticks", that's not 250nits is it? My Lenovo Y700 caps out at 250 nits and it seems brighter.

    Which also comes a second question, what the brightness at minimum brightness? The first tick above black screen? Anyone know off the top of their head?

  18. C TAN

    So here is the thing, i got the offer for used MBP 15 TB 2016 and 2017 for only $100 different. Which one should I take?

  19. legxnd

    No bro product x has better speakers

  20. Product Amadeus

    I think you need to leave the graphs up a tad bit longer. You were flying!

  21. RoxyIsStrange

    Many people hate the MacBook because it's not for gaming, but I don't play games anymore.. I do video editing instead so the MacBook is perfect for me

  22. Jessie - Caa

    As an animator, would the >2016 MacBooks be able to cope? I’m looking at the 13 inches because I can’t afford the 15, is the smaller screen a hinderance? Thanks

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