2023 PlayStation Showcase Reactions & Impressions: We Have A Problem

The 2023 PlayStation Showcase is over and right away it seems like this might have been an underwhelming event, at least …


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  1. Zoradeity

    My hot take: Sony should have called this an extended State of Play featuring Spider-Man 2. Pushing along with the "Showcase" label knowing that you're going to show 3 CGI teasers, the one from Firewalk being particularly pointless, was not a good idea. People would have complained anyway, as usual, but I would have gone that route.

  2. Gamer_boy7571

    Phantom blade 0, hell divers 2, Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2 and of course FF16 were the standouts in the showcase for me. Basically all the games that showed gameplay. I thought Sony understood cinematic trailers are pointless if without gameplay shown afterwards. 6/10

  3. FroZenNinja

    Your reactions were more entertaining than 90% of the Showcase. A couple good ones, but mostly just live service and CG garbage. C-


    I don't see much love for Helldivers 2 but I think it's going to be a very good game.

  5. tyler outland

    Marvel's spiderman 2 was the best thing in my opinion the gameplay and new trailer was amazing im buying day one

  6. CJO

    Those damn cat games, man I hate cats…

  7. João Malheiro

    Guess their devs also weren't ready for this Showcase…. what a waste of time.

  8. Mandarina Mala

    What about if they learn how to use the animus for to enter in animals memories, and the next assassin's creed has a cat for playeable protagonist. Would you like the series better?

  9. B. O.B.!

    Wtf I seen plenty of games what do people want exactly, fuxking click bait merchants. I would have liked more gameplay but game games games what's the problem here.

  10. vanerek

    I've been waiting ANY news about Pragmata, nothing from capcom in a while

  11. Caleb Harris

    Is it just me or is this next generation dog shit? I get the pandemic affected things but man this has been so lack luster

  12. Whenever I need to replace my Airpod Pros I’m definitely going to give the PlayStation Earbuds a try.

  13. Carl G

    I knew you would love the Cat games 😀 + the show was ok. A few good games but none from PS Studios?!?! 🤔 (apart from the BRILLIANT looking Spider-Man 2 we saw) 😛 (the MGS stuff I was happy about to. But no Gameplay tho) 🙁 Oh well.

  14. Chris

    Dragons dogma 2, spiderman 2, Alan Wake 2…lots of twos lol

  15. Fabio Fabiobio

    The "too online" gaming social media crowd always fall into this pattern of overhyping each other then being shocked when they don't get a neverending barrage of AAA mega-IP announcements. It is what it is, good games take a LONG time to make these days. I wasn't blown away personally, not a fan of all the live service fare and really did want to see more from PS Studios, but I found a lot to like from the showcase! Was surprised by the amount of new IP and creativity on display, and some of those CG trailers were super stylish and fun to watch

    ……………..I'd be a whole lot happier tho if Bungie had announced a new single-player FPS instead of whatever the hell a "PvP extraction shooter" is.

  16. Paulo

    Nintendo is way ahead of Sony with their directs. Got a PS5 recently (got a switch since 2018) and the nintendo directs are way better and get me way more excited.
    I think it's just because on PS5 the games are very bland, all the focus on graphics instead of the gameplay.

  17. dahouseis

    it s frustrating that they have been working on hardware, when the existing hardware leaves a lot to be desired. the ps5 release was a mess, the vr system was an expensive investments and there isn t enough vr games. they created this expensive system with endless possibilities, and what can we actually do with vr? Jump and shoot. and now we re supposed to buy a handheld? how much shit are we supposed to buy? when there aren t enough good and creative games. imagine redfall had been a great game. we d be very frustrated with the state of playstation.

  18. Solfermoney

    I think the main thing that needs to happen is people need to stop setting such high expectations for things so that when they dont happen the general reaction isnt as negative as it is. I also believe that cinematic trailers like the one used for "Concord" need to be done away with, it showed nothing and provided no information about what that game is except for a title card.

  19. Samson

    Number one rule: Never have high expectations when it comes to games showcases and you'll never be disappointed. Lol

  20. Otto M.

    Where is motorstorm, killzone, and socom???

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