2024 Dell XPS 14 (9440) – Live Unboxing & Testing

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Check out my review of the Dell XPS 16: https://youtu.be/vMxE2pRfUqo

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Video Index:
00:00 Countdown
02:02 Intro
05:05 Specs & Pricing
09:48 Unboxing & Tour of Device
13:58 Size & Weight
16:23 Ports & Connections
17:18 Keyboard and Touchpad
28:36 Initial Testing
48:50 Internals & User Upgradeability
58:44 Thermals, Surface Temps & Fan Noise
01:13:05 Webcam Test
01:18:41 Audio and Speaker Test


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  1. @Burbanana

    oh boy, I'm watching this in the morning now and already feel bad for you Andrew; for having to review these new Dell disasters (according to Josh)! More entertainment for us though 🙂 p.s.: what's that jam during the intro? Sounds good lol.

    Edit: Is the price reduction permanent and global? Could you advocate for us Europeans too? haha! Crazy to think this config costs 3300 EUROS here in the Netherlands. Im a software dev / light gamer and have a pre-order for the Yoga Pro 9i for 2070 Euros with a 10% discount included, 2.2-2.3K otherwise and comes with the Ultra 9 which looks really good in Josh's review.
    I can't believe the pricing on these Dell laptops. And starting with a FHD resolution and very low-power RTX on these models is a disgrace. I would have considered it if not for the price and function/esc keys being touch. Strange decisions Dell. At that price I'd consider just dropping everything and going full Apple / MB Pro / Max.

  2. @Cybertron667

    As always, love your reviews and for speaking what's on your mind! Every model/brand has his or her own flaws… Finding a perfect system isn't easy nowerdays… Apple got nice machines but like you said has their negative points… The Samsung amoled displays are really great but got other issues on their book pro lines… How bad is the graininess (Screen Door Effect or Moire pattern) on this unit ? As josh's unit and some others on reddit talk about ?

  3. Please suggest a window laptop for product designing…My selection was book4pro ultra7 to buy. Now it seems it is not a right purchase after watching your review.

  4. the dimensions confuse me a little bit, it has the narrow bezels and same screen size as the 9440 and the Thinkpad X1 but yet appears to be just under 10mm wider? I just don't understand where the extra space is?

  5. @jabomb93

    will you be reviewing the Lenovo yoga 9i 2024? Thank you.

  6. @moongoogle

    You do the most comprehensive and interesting laptop reviews on YouTube, good job Sultan!

  7. @iptashR

    кто больше занес тому больше very very

  8. Watched the complete livestream of this Dell Laptop this morning. Looks like a good pc overall. Personally I do not care for the capacitive row on top. Heard your rant about the MacBook Air. One positive thing you did not mention about it is if nothing else it makes a great way overpriced paper weight. Just Kidding. Great livestream. Looking forward to the full review of this XPS laptop.

  9. @Roman_Kuts

    Is it possible to lock the F1-F12 keys so that they are always available, and through the FN auxiliary keys be available?

  10. @almerasedan

    I love these live shows, I don't always have the chance to see them in real life but it gives me life to see them in their entirety later especially because of the amount of details that are told about the laptops and the good atmosphere there is, of course it's Andrew and he always does the difference, greetings from Spain.

  11. @SSS-sz8mg

    I don't get this mindset set, why a regular user would choose a crappie dGPU instead of a great OLED display?

  12. @alfagtaq4

    Reviewers seem to becoming god these days 😇

  13. @alfagtaq4

    There is a lot of talk about Oled and touch digitizer problems… The famous screen door effect witch seems to be the topic of the year. How bad was it? As some others say?

  14. @Shemarooooo

    I love your unbiased reviews! I'm really looking forward for the Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 9. I'm adamant on getting a customized one as soon as possible but I'm waiting for your honest review before getting it.

  15. @Kamran-yy6lt

    Which screen you like better? Xps 14 or macbook pro m3? Also how was battery on xps 14? Thanks

  16. @user-cc6oy9jx4t

    you are F***ing crazy to speak about apple product in such a level of negativity…..

  17. @brightbluesmurf

    In the manual it says the OLED uses 3x wattage than LED LCD. When you scroll down the UK dell website (which l didn't do) it mention decent battery life if you don't opt for OLED. I got the OLED model but if you want better battery maybe check the LCD screen.

  18. @SenselInc

    Thanks again for the shout-out, Andrew! We appreciate it.

  19. @rss1761

    Will you review the new Expertbook series from Asus too? I heard about b5404 and b3404 ,which are coming with 2xSO-DIM slots

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