2024 Samsung QN900D Neo QLED 8K Mini LED TV 85” First Impressions | AI Difference?

I got to spend the day with the 85 inch QN900D I got hands on with the TV and I give my full thoughts and opinions on this experience on testing this TV at the Samsung facilities earlier this month. Please consider supporting the channel by buying your next TV from one of the below affiliate links.

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  1. @ehenningsen

    I keep coming back to this TV. Its been mainly between this, the LG Z3, G4 and M4..

    I have the S90C and really like it, but i need another TV and while QD-OLED is the best contrast and color, i think QD miniled looks incredible and with 8k 60hz / and 4k 240hz with the best upscaler…

    I have a feeling i will get this at 85 inch when i pull the trigger

  2. @almir-lq9qw

    Use DLSS. It can get you much closer to 200fps+ without the need to run older games.

  3. As someone who uses an 85 inch QN800B for 8K pc gaming and now using topaz AI to take 4k material to 8k, there is definitely a difference in sharpness quality given the right seating distance. Even with a 4090 the time it takes to upscale to 8K on topaz AI is a lot longer than I would like it to be, but it is a niche use case that has a real world difference. Just like shooting your own 8k video from a phone or camera, or taking your own pictures in 8K and viewing them on your tv. There is also the limited 8k content on youtube.

    As far as when I will upgrade, I will until a 98 inch 8k tv is released with 120hz refresh for $8000 or less. I'm sure by the time this happens, Micro led will be here for affordable prices and native 8K movies will be released digitally online. 8k is taking way too long to come down in price. For whatever reason they cost much more to manufacture

  4. @Swecan76

    Only issue is the price. I can imagine the upscaling and AI and motion is great. Also that 4K 240Hz is awesome as a PC gamer. But if the native refresh rate is 120Hz, how can it be 240hz. Seems like it's not "real" 240hz for gaming though. HDMI 2.1 can't output 240Hz either if not mistaken.

  5. @OnSafari247

    8k is still so overpriced…..that's the problem. The very slight improvement in detail (if at all) does not justify paying twice as much.

  6. @talmadgehill139

    I thinks 8k is cool I want that new 1 connect box they got it looks smooooth way better looking then the older 1s wonder if they will sell it separately? 🤔

  7. @elvnmagi9048

    Is this screen REAL 4k 240Hz or is it samsung's fake Motion Xcelerator which is interpolation and/or black frame insertion~flicker? What is the native Hz of this panel at 4k and at 8k? Can hmdi 2.1 even do 8k 120Hz natively off of a 4000 series nvidia gpu;s hdmi 2.1 port? (even using DSC, DisplayStreamCompression)??

    Other tv manufacturers have their own moniker for their fake Hz mode, including TCL and others, so forgive my doubts on the actual 4k 240hz and 8k 120hz. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it's true, but so far there have been only very casual "impression reviews" of this screen from people who got to visit it rather than anyone actually going through the OSD and settings in more detail.

  8. @sammy10001

    Dude that tv looks incredible. My goodness. Imagine that on 8k oled. 😳😳😳

  9. @rct8884

    If I go 85" (not 83" or smaller) this year then this will be the tv for me. Having said this, I am waiting for the new TCL and Hisense 98" tv releases first.

  10. @majorkursk780

    The pricing of these 8k QN800D & QN900D models are far too expensive at launch.

  11. @MyJeffrey1970

    Maybe in 3-5 years buy a 8k tv when more content is around. Still don’t even have a lot of 4k tv stations yet.

  12. @__improwise__

    Thanks for a nice video. Isn't this panel still only 120 hz so anything above that is kind of "fake"? Do we what actuall differences there are compared to the QN900C, despite the AI stuff? Has number of zones etc changed?

  13. @SD71232

    It is a shame that samsung doesnt include this world class processor in its 4k models. Imagine qd oled with this kind of processing. It would be a dream. This sharpness and clarity is not due to the 8k resolution. Its all processing, I had the z9j which is 8k but uses a 4k processor and it was softer than the 4k models at the time, proving it isnt the resolution. Its the processing.

  14. @RodMurray777

    KG did you try the Nintendo Switch on it and if you did how did the 1080p Upscaled to 4K do

  15. if the ai processor is making this huge upscaler, from low res content, surely worth it

  16. I would buy the QN900D at launch if it were cheaper, and I would pay near full price if it were 8K120hz because gaming is my primary application.
    The biggest competition for the QN900D is really going to come from the first 8K OLED from TCL… Hopefully sooner than later.

    As-is barring horrible reviews I'm going to upgrade from an LG C1 to TCL Q8M this year (not that I'm getting rid of the C1 it's just moving to the bedroom).

  17. @Bridin84

    yup, this tv looks like a winner. $4k to $5k… just not at $8k.

  18. @DarkLionn83

    Nice video, bravo 👏
    I still think the the s95c is better than this awesome tv. It looks impressive no doubt bu i would prefer the s95c

  19. @HP4L16

    This feels like 8K TVs finally got to a point where it makes sense, nearly perfect in every way and can actually do proper upscaling to 8K. Also do you know what panel technology it uses?

  20. @Dave-cn4no

    Hi I really don't understand why everything keeps on about the contrast levels of OLED I have the OLED G3 and the Samsung Q90R and its not a night and day difference. I've followed for all for years saying how the contrast levels are mind-blowing on an oled so finally went with the G3. Yes its better in some scenes but it's not mind-blowing different so please can you explain what I am missing here thanks for your time

  21. Great content , So if it is your favorite tv there do a 2 hour video of. It side by side next to the S95D see which has the best overall image .

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