$2200 6950XT Live PC Build – GPU Giveaways + Fractal Pop Air (5900x / Sapphire Nitro 6950XT)

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CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X – Newegg – $397 – https://robeytechdeals.co/331AXXC
Cooler: DeepCool AK620 – Newegg – $65 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3qSrxq0
Motherboard: MSI MPG X570S Carbon Wifi – Newegg – $270 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3BX6gSj
RAM: Team T-Force Delta RGB 3200MHz CL16 32GB (4x8GB) – Newegg – $64 x2 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3DSMnKJ
Storage: WD Black SN770 2TB NVMe SSD – Newegg – $180 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3P76KZE
GPU: Sapphire Nitro AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT – Newegg – $960 w/promo code VGAEXCAA283 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3R2soPz
Case: Fractal Design Pop Air RGB Black Cyan Core TG – Newegg – $90 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3I5AG6r
PSU: Phanteks AMP 1000 80+ Gold – Newegg – $160 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3Q2lvy1
Extensions: Asiahorse Black Mix – Newegg – $30 – https://robeytechdeals.co/3tnb273

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Here are tool recommendations, for building a PC

iFixit Manta Driver Kit – https://robeytechdeals.co/3qTrTxv
IFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit – https://robeytechdeals.co/3qTdYHG
Zip Ties – https://robeytechdeals.co/3nT3pSW
Wire Cutters – https://robeytechdeals.co/3nQbF6r
Velcro Ties – https://robeytechdeals.co/3FTVmeW
Build MAT – https://robeytechdeals.co/BuildMat
Goo Gone – https://robeytechdeals.co/3tR0Btq

IFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit – https://robeytechdeals.co/32tehQa
Zip Ties – https://robeytechdeals.co/3tOhSDD
Wire Cutters – https://robeytechdeals.co/3rKpRPf
Velcro Ties – https://robeytechdeals.co/3KxoSLb
Goo Gone – https://robeytechdeals.co/3FUvb7N

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$2200 6950XT Live PC Build – Giveaways + Fractal Pop Air (5900x / Sapphire Nitro 6950XT)



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