3 Genius LEGO Products!

#shorts #lego

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  1. Schminnte

    Note for anyone who wants the LEGO tape: it's not a Lego product. You can get it from Amazon, the name is Zuko Mayka tape

  2. L Mitzenmacher

    Taran of Linus Tech Tips told me the mug was 3rd party and terrible, and I gotta trust him more sorry 😔

  3. Jack_on_xbox

    I’m saving this video it’s amazing thank you mrwhostheboss

  4. Drago

    uh imagine a piece of lego drops inside the shoe
    Pain*100 💀

  5. Johannes B.

    You said lego to the Tape. Thats wrong. Thats not Lego!

  6. Genixter

    damn, these stuff surely the best lego creation ever, you could make anything creative out of them!

  7. Mjow _

    I actually already have the lego cup

  8. Witch_Bxtch


  9. AceRising

    Are those actual lego products when not then lego could sue you like the german content creator held der steine

  10. S U

    Why do you gotta shake your head and limbs soo much?

  11. Amber Belcher

    I once lego-taped my brother to the wall and covered it in legos.

  12. TheLazxPerson

    Y’all random fact about Lego
    It was created in Denmark 🇩🇰

  13. Put the tape at the bottom of your shoes and put the wheels on it, and bam new roller skates 😎

  14. Katie Henderson

    Wait can you put the Lego tape on the bottom of your shoe and put wheels on your shoe?

  15. Quicheyboy

    I thought the fully functional Lego keyboard would be on this list

  16. Sulos

    How is a phone made of "real lego"? Lego is not a matherial…

  17. MDx9 Gaming

    Could I get a link to the phone case? I need it. Now.

  18. MavMo

    When I was younger I had all of these

  19. Ravi Tanan

    Dear sir can you give away for me iphone like 4,5 😊

  20. Toasty

    Bro you taped the adjustable stand 🤣 and isint holding your phone for games enough and comfortable than holding Lego bricks 🤣

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