3 New Chrome Flags 🔥

If you are a Chrome user, you need to check out these new Chrome flags right now because they will change your Chrome experience on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

These are the Chrome flags you can search for:

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  1. Beebom

    Which Chrome Flags do you guys use? 🤔

  2. RJ

    Microsoft Edge in miles better than Chrome. Don't believe me, just try Edge, you won't switch to chrome ever.

  3. P5ychY

    Safari already had these 🗿

  4. Saw you in MALL OF INDIA with family on Saturday!
    Didn't meet you coz didn't want to disturb your family time❤️

  5. mate gamer

    fianlly passwords is over for me (partly) i prefer finger print


    last inconito flag is only on ios I guess, unable to find it in android. btw first flag you have used pixel and last flag on iphone. Should have mentioned it. but ok😐

  7. LogicalError_007

    I already have these features, except for last one which I like very much.

    Gonna enable it.

  8. MellowMood

    yeah opening any link in incognito or not is very usefull😂😂some of you get it, some of you won't

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