30 Games, 1080p & 1440p Tested – Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Review

Testing the new $399 Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 TI. Shopping: https://geni.us/Qoa8 (affiliate)
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30 Games tested, including 1080p & 1440p, RT, DLSS2, DLSS3, Thermals, Noise, Power Consumption

Test rig:
CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K
Motherboard – ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 HERO
Memory – 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5-6000 (2×16)
Cooling – Corsair H150i Elite LCD
PSU – Seasonic Prime TX 1600 Watt
OS – Windows 11 PRO 22H2
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– Motherboard set to the default – XMP Setting Applied – Resizable Bar ENABLED
– Core Isolation is disabled

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0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – RTX 4060 Ti Founders Edition Overview
1:47 – Specs
2:51 – Testing Games on 1080p and 1440p
7:07 – 1080p Performance Summary
7:50 – 1440p Performance Summary
8:01 – RTX 4060 TI vs RTX 3060 Ti
9:03 – RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3070
9:32 – RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 4070
10:06 – Power Consumption
10:25 – Total Cost of Power
11:39 – Thermals & Noise Performance
12:02 – DLSS3 Frame Generation Testing
15:02 – Final Thoughts

Games tested:
Anno 1800
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Borderlands 3
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Cyberpunk 2077
Dirt 5
Doom Eternal
Dying Light 2
F1 2022
Far Cry 6
God of War
Gotham Knights
Howards Legacy
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Rainbow Six Siege
Red Dead Redemption 2
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Spider-Man Remastered
The Division 2
The Witcher 3
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
Troy Total War
Watch Dogs Legion
Wolfenstein Youngblood
World War Z

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  1. Curie

    a 3070 12gb for $400 would be a lot better than this gpu


    this is disappointing, the worst graphics card so far, will amd be the queen of the mid-range?

  3. Rob b

    Well Tech Testers suggested to me '4070 owners won't be upset by the 4060' O BOY – What a LAME DUCK of a SKU 4060 is and I hope AMD and Intel capitalize by releasing the right products and taking 25-45 Euros / GBP / $$$ off their current cards Etc because really this will dampen sales of 40 series into the ground. 4090 has shown us what NV CAN do and bodes incredibly well to bounce back for the 50XX Series with true RT and 16GB VRAM for 5070. 20GB for 4080 and 24GB for 5090. Feel so sorry for early adopters and I hope not too many of us jumped to upgrade early from the legendary 10XX Series that spoilt us all these years ….. Each card after 4090 really felt like it existed only to upsell to the next model. Will skip this Gen !

  4. Red Racer

    Ouch. Such a polite dismissal. Like a back handed compliment. Loved this video.

  5. Red Racer

    "but if ur gonna stay with 1080p … For… Some reason…" This killed me 😂😂😂

  6. bob junior 1

    rtx 3070 vs 4060ti
    rtx 3070 faster than 4060ti for the saem price

  7. jose soares



    In some Games with Ultra settings at 1080p it runs out of Ram even now. Forget about the Future at a 400$ Pricepoint. You want more Ram ? Heres is our 1080p Card with 16gig ram vor just 500 bucks, your welcome smileyface

  9. Stunlokked

    this generation is cooked…… like nvidia is putting out bait cards to try to upsell people to a higher tier…..

  10. Cu nt

    This is absolutely insanely bad value. The fact that it can't even best the 3070 is insulting. I'm due for an upgrade and Nvidia is making me switch to AMD for the first time. The 7900 XTX it is…

  11. Canis Draconis

    Just with the wave of dissatisfaction with new generation of GPUs I did some calculations based on die size (core count and % difference between models). By my discovery I put a list of how should NVidia name their RTX 4000 GPUs:
    – RTX 4090 -> RTX 4090

    – RTX 4080 -> RTX 4070 Ti (59,3% of cores of current RTX 4090)

    – RTX 4070 Ti -> RTX 4060Ti (78,9% of cores of current RTX 4080, same difference between RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3060 Ti, which is 79,1%)

    – RTX 4070 -> RTX 4060 (76,6% difference between current RTX 4070 Ti, which is similar to RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3060, which is 73,7%)

    – RTX 4060 Ti -> RTX 4050 (73,9% difference between current RTX 4070, which is similar to RTX 3060 and RTX 3050, which is 71,4%)

    – RTX 4060 -> RTX 4040 or should not exist.

    I know only core count isn't relevant here, but with shift proposed by me before this generation would be super awesome in terms of performance and efficiency. In terms of price I don't think NVidia would be too generous, but 50-60 $ or € more than equivalent card of previous generation would be acceptable, because of big gains in performance and efficiency. With time those could just drop back in price, when RTX 5000 series would be launching. Unfortunatelly Jensen couldn't do that, cause he wouldn't be able to buy more leather jackets. Jokes aside, I wouldn't be shocked, if NVidia would launch every model in SUPER variant, cause we have some spaces in between specs. With some clocks boosting and getting a little higher core counts that is totaly possible and this is terrifying.

  12. odizzido

    DLSS 3 frames are not frames in the normal sense….they're just an attempt to smooth stuff out at the expense of input latency and image stability. Treating them as actual frames is really strange to me.

  13. Black Sama

    Making a godawful card (4070) look better is the only compliment this card will ever get, 4060 ti its godawful and is very expensive for the performance it delivers.

  14. javiej

    I don't understand launching a 1080p product in 2023. Nowadays 1080p gaming is smartphone and low end laptop territory. No TVs or Gaming monitors are made for such a low resolution anymore.

  15. odizzido

    What a piece of crap card. It's much worse than the 3060Ti because it's entering at a time when 8 gigs of ram is on the way out. Someone buying the 3060Ti at release got essentially the same performance but they got an extra 2.5 years of life out of it.

  16. That videocard was launch to make 4070 looks better than it is. I'm pretty sure that's the plan, or just a bad joke.

  17. 3dkiller

    Your fps chart is kinda misleading when i watch Hardware Unboxed or Gamernexus.
    That 4050Ti aka 4060Ti is barely faster then the 3060Ti.
    Such a misleading review.

  18. nfamousonline

    Nvidia is straight embarrassing themselves with this card, I feel sorry for the reviewers having to put a positive spin on this knowing that its performance is subpar.

  19. MakeSh00t

    4060ti is only faster 3 to 7 percent vs 3060ti and slower in 4k. gamers nexus. 4070 4060ti is waist of money. 3080 12gb is way more faster. 6950xt not to mention. 6950xt cost same as 4070 and much more faster.

  20. bpcgos

    Wow, 4060 Ti is trully a bomb, time to realise that Frame Generation is a fad to sold 40 series lack of generational progress. Nvidia are selling gimmick and its clear as day here.

  21. Pedro Celestino

    This is terrible performance and the price is a joke.
    (it is nice the lower power consumption, but it is far for enough to make it any good)

  22. Babel 17

    Yadda yadda yadda, I think that within six months that due to market forces the 16 GB version will be on sale for between 400 and 450 dollars, and if bundled with a decent game, that one could be an acceptable choice for someone who plays the latest games (aka the ones most likely to support ray tracing and/or DLSS) on a 1440p monitor. If the 8 GB version drops below 350 dollars, and comes bundled with an expensive and desirable game, it might make sense for someone sticking with their high refresh rate 1080p monitor for a few more years.

    We're getting to the point that games that support nVidia's strong points, DLS and ray tracing, are very steeply discounted, and some will soon be either given away for free (Epic Game Store), or close to it. That, combined with the 4xxx generation from nVidia offering the best frame per watt, and lowest power usage when watching video or browsing, is something that can feature into people's calculations when choosing a new video card. In other words, it partly offsets the steep premium added on to justify the cost of a card's other than pure rasterization performance.

    My knee-jerk reaction is to be put off by the 128 bit bus, and intellectually I dislike what it means for the card's longevity beyond the initial user. A few years from now and I can see its value showing one of the steepest depreciations seen by a video card from the prior ten years. The GTX 1060 6 GB version enjoyed (enjoys?) a long life span of being a useful gaming card, but nowadays as more and more latest generation, very demanding, console ports get released, the writing on the wall for cards that have memory as a weak spot could be appearing sooner rather than later.

    Maybe nVidia has some driver updates up their sleeve that can address the low 1% numbers at 1440p for this 8 GB card, that could help some as new games come out, and get benchmarked.

  23. ThreaT209

    If we are buying a 400 dollar or more GPU, 20 dollars a year in power isn't going to be a concern. Power efficiency is a nice plus, but nobody is going to determine the value of their card over a 100-150 watt difference in power consumption at max use.

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