You are currently viewing 4 Ways to Make a Full Image Backup of USB Drives

4 Ways to Make a Full Image Backup of USB Drives

4 Ways to Make a Full Image Backup of USB Drives

So you want to create a backup image on your USB Flash Drive or other USB devices? well this video is for you, checkout the links below for the software used in this video.

Image USB Drive:

PassMark ImageUSB

Roadkil’s DiskImage

USB Image Tool


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  1. Brian Froeber

    OT: Have you ever done a video on fixing the issue of laptops plugged in but not charging?? Seems to be common…

  2. Britec09

    T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !
    P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !

  3. Yan Yan

    Thank you Brian. PassMark's ImageUSB seems to be appropriate for me. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Gabrielo

    i didnt use any of the programs here because the one i used was probably crap lol

  5. zx8401ztv

    Thanks Brian 😀
    Yep i use RMPREP, very handy for setting up boot sectors on usb p.e and more 😀

  6. check mate

    pls make a video – top 100 security settings for Windows 10 including firewall, local policy, security policy to make it more or less private and safe

  7. Nigel Marchant

    I'm curious or maybe a bit slow tonight!! What is the purpose of backing up a backup usb to the computer. What use is it if the computer is lost/stolen or failed beyond repair>

  8. Rabeh Betka

    hi brian . i have used USB Image Tool before, i will say that it did the job but the only problem that the image size was the same size of the USB but note the size of the files , and to me this is a problem because i made a multi boot usb and i want the size of the image to be the same as the files but not the usb . can you recommend a software that can do that. thanx

  9. Neo fan

    How to do the same thing with linux ?

  10. Anthony Green

    What's wrong with just Select all, copy, then paste to the folder ? No messing about

  11. Loek Kattestaart

    To add another way to do this, is with Acronis True Image, this way the backup file is compressed and only files and filesystem is converted to an .tib file, which is smaller … HOWEVER Acronis is a paid application which is (in my opinion) the money well spend

  12. Motoryzen

    29 seconds… " fool image backups" xD…hehe British accents and lii UULL intead of little.

  13. Khaleel Ahmad

    sir i have a usb that lets i install a computer s audio video diver i do not know how to get a copy i do not want to make another usb sir help me

  14. bitsmart

    all is great but what about restoring these images can they boot and restore by hem selves or how to restore these images when computer crash!

  15. Eyüp A.

    I have a usb drive includes extended partitions created with Mini Tool Partition Wizard. Which program is suitable for partitioned usb drives? Thanks for the vide btw 🙂

  16. Eyüp A.

    Can we write a backup to another usb drive?(different size or different brand)

  17. Brent Vance

    What if you know the drive works. I bought a machine and it came with a program that work the machine, but it is on a zip drive, and it is costly. I want to make a backup Image to be on the safe side, with the way zip drive fail. But windows or ImageUSB can not see the drive. How do I make it show up?

  18. Mods & Tweaks

    In your opinion which of the above programs is the most reliable for multi-bootble usb?

  19. MegaChoad

    What Format of the USB do you prefer? NTFS or FAT?

  20. Want to make a disk image from files on my sd card… what to I do if the sd card has 2 partitions? What is the best one to download so I can store the disk image?

  21. whenifeellow

    Thanks for the no bullshi+, easy to understand vid. very useful

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