480Hz + OLED on The New LG UltraGear 32-inch

The LG UltraGear 32GS95UE is currently on Pre-Order!
#LGUltraGear #OLEDgamingmonitor #32GS95UE

Thanks to LG for partnering on this video.


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  1. @jvizzle82

    This is a total overkill for an Xbox X right?! Cause it can only go up to 120hz means you need a pc that can go up to that many Hz.

  2. @dzgamer342

    If I can sit on my pc 12 hours a day without it getting the screen burn treatment then I'm sold

  3. @Atharyel

    I got the Alienware AW2725DF QD-OLED 1440p with 360hz. ATM that’s endgame for me, I‘m really pleased how it performs.

  4. What's the point of putting RGB in the back of the monitor 🤔, does anybody sets their PC in the middle of the room or is it supposed to sit facing the wall ?🤷🏻

  5. @CrAtUsThEiNsAnE

    480hz oled finally made him get a victory against standard bots, not bad.

  6. @Rew123

    Almost my entire setup (Series X + 4k 120 Hz monitor + metal/glass desk + headset stand + controller stand + rechargeable battery kit) was about $1500…

  7. @2victor2

    I wonder if it still has the annoying subpixel issue.

  8. @Goublez

    Now get a pc that can get you to steady 480 fps

  9. @yuval7631

    Brother if your PC can run a game at 480 fps donate money to charity, like my bank account.

  10. @K-wars

    It's $1400 US, its currently on preorder

  11. @nathangregory_

    Sure thing, I'm running out the door now to purchase a "Gaming Monitor" pushing north of 1400 USD.

  12. @CadenMeinen

    cant wait till they make oled affordable instead of maxing out specs for an average sale

  13. @blythe1599

    I don't get the point of that many frames. We can't even physically see it

  14. @kyleid777

    This is the kind of monitor I'd want. I hear 480 Hertz is actually noticeable compared to 120.

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