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5 Common Scrum Events

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Get the most out of the 5 most common Scrum events:
– Backlog refinement
– Sprint planning
– Daily Scrum
– Sprint review
– Sprint retrospective

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  1. akinhwan. com

    i have studied and watched these videos, but at work we do not have this methodology. How would one suggest implementing this at a workplace?

  2. Steve Carter

    As an experienced and somewhat sceptical by nature agilist, i want to say that I'm 6 minutes in and you're talking a lot of sense. Imo you don't need all the resume stuff at the start, let your experience shine through your material.

  3. RiceWon

    Please pin this! YOU'RE WELCOME! Timestamps for the 5 Scrum Events:
    1:11 Backlog Refinement
    5:00 Spring Planning
    10:42 Daily Scrum
    15:25 Sprint Review
    18:17 Sprint Retrospective

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