5 Things to Look for When Buying a Camera

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00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Number One… What is this camera for?
01:36 – Number Two… What specs do you need?
04:19 – Number Three… What’s your budget?
05:16 – MusicBed Sponsorship
06:25 – Number Four… What is it’s ecosystem?
08:06 – Number Five… What’s your personal preference?
08:53 – Final Thoughts


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  1. @arghaatta4837

    Which one should I pick?
    A6700 or Zv-e1
    with a fan.
    1st video, 2nd photo for me.

  2. @LumixGang

    Lumix S5 OG and the S5 ii and I'm content until I'm ready to get a Nikon cinema camera

  3. @Julian3vil

    Got it, still keeping the 1DX mark II🙋‍♂

  4. @cristianpistol

    Got the S5IIX after I watched on of your videos about it. BEST CAMERA I HAD IN YEARS! Does everything I need so good. I paired it with my existing EF glass (Sigma 18-35 and Canon 85mm f1.8) and it works like charm with the MC-21 adapter.

  5. @Freidmann6

    Thanks so much bro. I enjoyed the video, its straightforward and on point.

  6. @Kaotix_music

    Theres also features in a camera youll learn….NEVER mattered. I got the FX30 as my first "cinema" camera (it says cinema on it, its bigger brother shot a blockbuster…idc) and it was a gigantic jump for me from a sony A6400. I have 10 bit 4:2:2, full HDMI out, and RAW. First feature right away I NEVER cared about that I dont even have was the sensor size. Its an APSC sensor. The more I hear about how AMAZING full frame is…I dont see why. Maybe because I shot on APSc for so long and still continue to? I just dont care that much for it. My lenses are cheaper so I win there.
    2nd was RAW. RAW has to be done externally to an Atomos Ninja V but I get 12 bit ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ in 4.7k and I thought I would use the HELL out of being able to shoot RAW and….nope. 7/10 times I shoot just ProRes 422 HQ because my macbook likes it better (even my PC does) or ill shoot internal XAVC S-I. I learned very quickly that 10 bit 422 (even Sony's internal codecs) go SUCH a long way in grading that people don't give it credit for. I have made some of the best color grades I have ever seen in my life with only 10 bit footage. Its crazy jumping from a consumer camera to a professional camera you think 10 bit is a gigantic jump…until youre in now with other cinema camera peeps and they have 12 bit, 14 bit, 16 bit and shit on 10 bit. I look at some of their footage and it just looks like they put the R.709 LUT on their LOG footage or Davincis CST, gave it some contrast, put teal in their shadows….and thats it. I have a 10 bit camera and go MUCH crazier with my grades and friends who own the RED Komodo are just puting on R.709 luts. Yea, 10 bit is totally good enough for 85% of shooters in here

  7. @samt8017

    Use what ever 1080p camera and get AI to enhance the look and resolution. You want your footage to look like it was shot on a RED/Nikon? AI has got your back. All you need to worry about is increasing your skills on how to shoot and story tell.

  8. @iSpike

    I've invested in LUMIX MF3 echo system, GH5 + GH5II & a few Pro lenses. Brilliant video, Thank You for everything you create. Cheers from a happy FYF student in Western Australia

  9. @farzadjahanfard

    Guys help me Fuji x100 vi or Sony 6700 for someone who never had a camera also the price is the same

  10. @DigiDriftZone

    My version as a solo hobbyist video shooter is just 1 question:
    1) Can I afford an FX3? – yes: get it. no: ZV-E1

    Probably ZV-E1 regardless: legendary sensor from FX3/A7S3, legendary AI chip from A7R5, small form factor that can be adapted to all kinds of scenarios (including a small cage with a fan for fixing thermal limitations), insanely low price considering what you're getting.

  11. @Selene-ff4yp

    I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such incredible women.💖

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