6 Fast Solutions for iPhone’s Server Identity Verification Issue

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bought a new iPhone and trying to set it up correctly but you keep running into cannot verify server identity error while you trying to set up mail accounts well it could happen due to many reasons and in today’s video we will going to solve this problem so make sure you watch this video till the end because you never know which Step might work for you there are few reasons why this error might occur one of the reason is untrusted server certificate this means the code that helps to verify the ownership of the site is not working properly additionally iOS bugs and incorrect email account details can cause this problem to OCC on your phone luckily there are a few things you can try to fix this error first let’s try to restart your iPhone and to do that I would press volume up button down button and press and hold power button for approximately 10 seconds and release the power button as soon as you see Apple logo on the screen so once we have rebooted our iPhone next thing which you need to do is check for iOS update by going into the settings General software update and let it connect to the Wi-Fi okay here we are we are connected and if there is a latest iOS version make sure you update it as soon as possible a simple restart can often fix minor issues of the mail app and similarly when you update the iOS it could fix some bugs present in the system and if it doesn’t work you can always try updating your iOS carrier settings a conflict in your network settings could be causing issues in email sying to up dat your carrier settings head over to Settings app and from here you need to go into the general and about and if you have any carrier settings available you will get the prompt to update it don’t worry if the update is not present what present is the Subscribe button so I think you are smart enough to figure out what to do with it I’ll wait for 5 seconds moving forward if the error still persist I would recommend the that you force restart the mail app as it could fix some minor issues which might be causing this error to force restart mail app first you need to close it now go into the app switcher kill the app and open it again and as you can see it refreshed my mail similarly if there is a bug or a glitch present in the app it will be fixed with a simple force restart if none of the solutions work for you then my friend you need to remove and read your email account this process might fix server identity issue to remove email account first you need to go into the settings scroll down and select mail now go into accounts and select the account you want to remove let’s go with Gmail one and delete account delete from my iPhone and that’s how you remove an email account from your iPhone so now that we have removed our email account let’s try adding it back to do that let’s go into the settings again scroll down and select Main accounts and from here you can add an account let’s do it and similarly fill in the information and voila you’ll be good to go as a last result you can always factory reset your iPhone but mind you this process will delete everything from your iPhone so my recommendation is that you take a proper backup of your iPhone before you proceed with this process to factory reset your iPhone first you need to go into the settings now scroll down go into General scroll down to the bottom and now tap on transfer or reset iPhone from here you can select erase all content and settings and tap on continue and simply press on itase iPhone and I hope everything has gone as planned and you won’t see cannot verify server identity prompt in future and if this video has helped you make sure you press the like button so that YouTube knows we are doing some good work and if you’re facing any further problems you can always go into the comment section and write it down there so that you don’t miss out on any troubleshooting guides we upload and on this road this is me Samir signing off and I will see you in the next one till then T see bye-bye [Music]

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