$615 Gaming PC for 1080p Ultra


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  1. BABA

    Can you provide full video

  2. カガミヤ

    dang those rx 5700 xt looks juicy but my 550w psu says no

  3. NewVegian.Prolog

    Probably could’ve gotten cheaper ram that doesn’t have useless shitty lights on it

  4. writer

    dude these deals you cant find anywhere

  5. Do not take that Mech OC version of RX 5700XT. I bought it in 2020 and it's loud as hell

  6. Ahmad

    That cpu is making u lose 17% performance

  7. GamerMan

    Yt drunk again, as always. No comments ☠️

  8. Jack Crockett

    Could you make a budget pc that does ultra 1080p with all new parts?

  9. Mehul Sahni

    couldve saved atleast 60-70$ on case since this is a budget build

  10. Yoxic

    Do you recommend in i5-10400f or in i3-12100

  11. Igor

    A $50 thermaltake psu, I think I would pass on that. Even their high end power supplies are sketchy. The rest of the build is not too shabby.

  12. Fzxtec

    this shit still better than my $1049 "budget" pc💀

  13. ZAVIXR

    But the cpu is pci 3.0 and gpu is 4.0 how its gonna be a symphony of full power

  14. N Sogeking

    GPU recommendation for Ryzen 7 3700X, B550M, 16GB RAM?

  15. ||-- Tuns

    Bro littraly used the plant af a stand for the cpu 💀

  16. Rodney

    This just in – if you spend countless hours building up the knowledge on whet old parts are good deals you can save money.

  17. Razin Muntasir

    I have ARGB fans that connect directly to the PSU and has 4 pins is it controllable?

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