655-HP Corvette E-Ray Is the First Electrified ‘Vette

The E-Ray is the first hybrid Corvette and the first to boast all-wheel-drive, improving performance, stability and efficiency.

0:00 Corvette E-Ray Hybrid
0:46 Corvette Engine Power
1:27 Stealth Mode
2:04 Electric Motor Assist
2:52 All Season Sport Car, All Wheel Drive
3:24 E-Ray Exterior and Interior Design
4:29 Cargo Volume
4:48 Corvette E-Ray Price

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. John Doe

    Great review. You literally gave all the details that most others missed or dont care about. Now i dont have to waste time looking at other videos to find the specific info on this car that i need to know. Legendary. 🙌.
    PS: that price though. Now that I know the price im going to pass on the E-Ray and now will have to the Grand Sport. Please make a video when the info on that comes out. ✌️

  2. mark smithro

    The E-Vette looks nice. Reminds me of the Ferrari. I want to see both the Ferrari and E-Vette race against each other. That'll be cool.

  3. Graeme Johnson

    GM. Got pinged for cloning the Lotus, it's in court.. so now we have a cloned Lotus electric car.
    It's a con.. the only thing America has invented, is the only country in the world with. Mass Shootings.. go away..

  4. roguedogx

    0:58 I must say it surprised me that they had no generator on the motor, especially with such a small battery pack.

  5. matthew anderson

    Chevrolet should have done the Ecotec turbo 4 in the back to around 300 horsepower and then the Chevy Bolt EV drive up front with a plug in capable 33kw battery pack. It should have a usable electric range, it should be able to beat 97 percent of anything on the road and it should pull 400-450 miles of range on 10 gallons of fuel

  6. Finnished

    I'm fine with this (hybridisation), but i hope they don't make a fully electric Corvette, because that would tarnish the name like Mach-E tarnished the Mustang name.

    I'm not fine with Corvette having all wheel drive. Corvette is, and should be only RWD.

    Make a new model if you want AWD and/or EV, stop ruining existing car models!

  7. Journey Stand

    104K base price is still cheaper than what Acura was selling the current gen NSX for. 🤣 What Chevy has done with the C8 is what Acura should have done with the NSX.

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